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Return to the Ming Dynasty as a prince

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As soon as it was all right, the old herbalist pointed it out outside the tent. I cleaned up the wound for her with my own hands and applied the medicinal glue baked by Wenxin with my own hands. In fact, her bleeding had stopped. The main purpose of the medicine was to promote granulation and heal the skin. It was true that if you wanted to leave no scar, you could not move it easily for three or two days. The wound was really not serious. It could be healed in a few days. Only then did Yang Ling nod with a slight sense of relief. The beautiful brocade tent is full of warmth and animal fragrance. There were four braziers in the corner, and the lamp in the tent hung high, reflecting the brightness of the room as if it were day. The Red Lady, dressed in a thin, soft and close-fitting robe, stood in front of a bronze mirror more than one person high, with her waist-length hair sprinkled behind her shoulders. The bronze mirror reflected a beautiful woman. Curl Nana, fresh and charming. A big hand quietly encircled her waist: “That man is Li Dali, it seems that he is at the end of the road, fighting to the death to revenge me.”. As a result, it was my little Yingying who blocked the disaster for me. As soon as I walked away, I was so annoyed. Cui Yinger was cautious and gently opened Yang Ling's big hand. “What's bothering you?” Yang Ling's big hand came back gently and gently stroked her flat and soft lower abdomen. At the same time, Yang Ling's handsome face was reflected in the bronze mirror. He stood behind Cui Yinger, with one hand around her waist and his head on her shoulder. Grind her tender face gently. A family left a scar on the body, looking very annoying, Cui Yinger gently eating Liu Mei, showing infinite annoyance. Yang Ling gently smiled: “One is not obvious, this is only the sixth day, is a faint red line,plastic pallet manufacturer, healing so well, you are not satisfied?”? In a few days, the color of the flesh will gradually fade. If you don't look carefully, you can't see it at all. Cui Yinger beeped her mouth and said unhappily, “But you can see that you are lying on someone's body and looking at it seriously and being spoiled by Ling.”. Cui Yinger looked like a little girl in front of him. Yang Ling's desire rose because of her charming and changeable expression. The thick and strong part of her buttocks was fiercely against her plump and strong buttocks. Cui Yinger blushed and twisted her waist uncomfortably. One good good, I see, see now, OK? ‘Yang Ling clings to her ear to say,drum spill pallet, the hand already sneaked away to untie her belt. “No,” Cui Yinger was ashamed. However, he could not resist Yang Ling's insistence, and his clothes were relieved. Luo Chang light points, in Cui Yinger to refuse to meet the action. The light and soft Luo shirt was gently separated, revealing a charming body. Crisp chest is firm and plump, willow waist is round and slender, attractive small navel, flat and soft abdomen, jade body emits attractive luster that makes people salivate. The critical point was covered by Cui Yinger shyly, her eyes closed shyly, and her eyelashes blinked closely. Yang Ling greedily looked at the slender shadow in the mirror, and then looked up from the bottom to the top, a pair of delicate feet, from the delicate and mellow feet, straight and greasy legs all the way up, plastic pallet crates ,collapsible pallet bin, plump and slender thighs impressively in the eye, seductive and charming fragrance sweet and fragrant Yang Ling's eyes stayed on the tender and fragrant soft, such as crisp snow on the full chest. Suet jade as plump tall and straight double peak line light red line, straight down to the navel above, if you do not look carefully, it is really not easy to notice. Yang Ling gently kissed Cui Yinger on her earlobe, and her wandering hands moved from her snow-white, smooth, plump and round thighs to her chest, gently stroking the red line. Cui Yinger's body trembled gently. She grabbed Yang Ling's hand, but moved with his hand on her own body. With her eyes closed, she leaned her head back on Yang Ling's shoulder, gently tilted, and her face was like burning rosy clouds. -It's beautiful Yinger is very beautiful. Yang Ling's soft praise is like a dose of the best healing medicine, and like a jar of pure wine, which makes Cui Yinger dizzy. Yang Ling took her by the shoulder, turned her around, and said in a low voice, “It doesn't matter at all. Yinger is still so beautiful and charming. She is fascinated by her husband.”. As soon as Cui Yinger smiled, Yang Ling put her arms around her round, strong and energetic waist and kissed her seductive red lips tightly. After a long time, the Red Lady pushed him away. She blushed and said apologetically, “Husband, I know.” Yang Ling restrained her desire and kissed her gently on her burning lips. She said softly, “Have a good rest. I'll go back first. Cui Yinger looked at him with blurred eyes and saw that he was about to reach the entrance of the tent. Suddenly she bit her lip and said quickly, ‘Stop!'. Eh? ‘Yang Ling stopped and looked at her inquiringly. Cui Yinger came over with a faint face and bare feet on the plush Persian carpet. She stared at him with her shining eyes and murmured, “Are you going to find Sister Yun?” Cui Yinger's eyes narrowed. Wild charm exudes the light of sexy temptation, red lips lightly open, soft Rouge body has been thrown into the arms of the nickname way: “I do not want you to go, do not want you because I go to find her voice full of jealousy.”. Yang Ling some funny, hurriedly coax way: “a good good.”. I'll go to my room and sleep, okay? ” No! ‘ Yang Ling gasped, and the thick and uncomfortable part was suddenly held by a small hand gently but boldly across the robe, which made his body involuntarily send out a comfortable tremor. So the Red Lady held him and looked at him with a half-smile, light and graceful, with her eyes pressing back step by step. Yang Ling followed her step by step until she pushed her gently beside the bed and pushed her to sit on the bed. On the first floor, the beautiful hair half covered Cui Yinger's beautiful face, which was as red as a pomegranate, and the eyes between her hair shone like a cat. One family only said that she could not. Yinger said in a charming voice, and she had already knelt down between his legs, half naked on the soft long-haired Persian carpet. One silk way: “One you a look at the sound, faintly heard her say what Dongxuan, Qiyun, but Yang Ling has completely not to go to the heart of the answer, just a sound tunnel:” One good Yinger, again Guan Li one Cui elder sister's condition how? “Yin Qi as soon as saw the person who Zhen went to visit came back, immediately raised his head and asked. She went to visit the Red Lady almost every day, but the Red Lady's wound was obviously getting worse and worse. In the first few days, when she was sober,ibc spill pallet, she could still talk to herself. These days, she could hardly speak. Look at the silver Qi full of guilt, just tears. binpallet.com


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