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When you write and independently publish a book, there are several things you need to do before and during its launch. They range from necessities such as getting an ISBN number for books to doing what you can to spark reviews. Books reviews confer credibility on your work in ways that few other things can, especially when they are overwhelmingly favorable. Potential readers (and book buyers) often find out about new titles by reading reviews, and when they are favorable, it means a lot. If you're an author about to begin seeking reviews, the good news is there are several ways to do it and succeed.

One of the most prolific review streams today is online reviews written by people who have read your books. It is quite acceptable to ask fans to post reviews as soon as they've read a new book. Reaching out with requests by email is the most common way to do it. People regard emails as personal and are flattered when an author contacts them directly. If you have a large fan base and write a monthly newsletter, you can also include a review request in one or two issues. As it does with anything, success relies on doing it well and with flair. Be creative in your request and try to spark people's interest.

Given the outsized influence of the internet today, respected bloggers are excellent sources of book reviews. Even if you lack the time or funds for a book tour, reaching out to bloggers is cost-effective and not overly time-consuming. Reviews on blogs are excellent companions to traditional media coverage and can expand your book's visibility exponentially. Cultivating relationships with bloggers is not different from getting to know editors and producers in the media. Once you have developed a rapport, it is a natural next step to request a book review. People who know you are likely to be helpful.

Books now also commonly include a review request on the final page. What's more ideal than requesting a review from someone who has just finished reading your book? You'll get richer reviews because the content is fresh in their minds. When you pu8blish your book electronically, and many people are reading on e-readers, the review request can be in the form of a link to a high traffic spot such as an online bookselling platform. Reviews there are beneficial because they reach people who are considering buying your book already. A few words from another reader can help seal the deal.


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