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RFID based Library Management System is a wireless technology to retrieve data from books. The RFID technology is a combination of RFID equipments, RFID tags and LSmart software applications. The RFID tags are fixed on the items and the information encrypted on these tags can be retrieved through an RFID reader. The LSmart Software integrated with the RFD reader will get inputs which will be visible on the dashboard.The system automates the process of item identification and tracking on one hand and prevents stealing of items on the other. The readers can check-out their items without any assistance from staff and also check-in the items at book drops on their own. With the entire system getting automated, a whole lot of time is saved both for patrons and staff members. The RFID tags are very efficient and can work in adverse climatic conditions also.

Features of Libsys RFID System –

  • RFID Tags on Books/Documents/CDs/DVDs
  • Multiple item processing simultaneously
  • Self-use Kiosk for check-out/check-in
  • Book Drops for quick check-in of items
  • Hand held RFID readers for Shelf Management
  • EAS Security Gates
  • Books Sorters to reduce items replacement times on shelves

LIBSYS LSmart solutions based on RFID and EM technologies, takes automation and security in the libraries to a new level. LSmart integrates RFID and EM hardware. LSmart has proved to be strong on reliability, flexibility and ease-of-operations when combined with robust and quality hardware equipments.


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