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Telemedicine has not had the success story it had hoped to realize the tactic, involving remote health-related services like monitoring, advice, and education between doctors and patients online over a secure connection promised to be at the forefront of the longer term of drugs. It pledged to form state-of-the-art healthcare more accessible without the necessity to attend hours in line.

Impact of Telehealth on Covid-19

The novel Coronavirus(Covid-19) is a massacre and effectively dangerous. We can see the U.S. being among the top of the List for COVID Patient List  This crisis forced healthcare institutions and regulatory bodies to show other ways of providing healthcare solutions to the patients while limiting exposure and being less vulnerable to the virus. And Telehealth Solutions is presenting itself because of the ideal solution to those woes by limiting patient displacement to hospitals, allocating hospital capacity to significant cases, all while curbing the disease's spread. As companies and even schools adopt the work-from-home solution, remote consultation is additionally becoming an increasingly attractive option in healthcare. 

Telemedicine systems or telemedicine solutions helps us to cover a broad range of services via video, telephone, or email. Meaning patients can consult doctors about everything from flu symptoms or backache to a psychiatric visit. 

Telehealth Process

Telehealth software has the power to unite several medical organizations into one network, which is led by the central clinic. This network can include different physical locations: primary and remote clinics, state and private clinics, rehab centers and prevention centers, physicians' private offices, and everyone registered within their areas. The following functions should be the priorities audio/video-conferencing, secure messaging, electronic scheduling, analytics and reports, billing and online payment, image and file uploads, integration with EHR systems, and e-prescribing.

All users can use any devices, from computers to smartphones, to attach and participate in video/audio conferencing sessions and exchange information. Patients data, general personal information, primary examination leads to an area clinic, lab test results, MRT, CT, ECG results, data from digital medical devices, etc.

However, the truth is that only a couple of nations and regions adopted the concept, but telemedicine remains merely an idea for several. A study showed that within the U.S. alone, 82 percent of consumers don't use such services. This has a significant impact on Telehealth Services, and hence it can prove a cause for loss patients. Advance telehealth solutions have proved to be a boon for the Covid-19. This primary service of Telehealth can be used to control the death rate to some extent by taking necessary precautions.


In today's modern era, Telehealth medicines play a majorly important role in countries like the U.S. If proper precautions are taken, Telehealth can help cure patients to some extent through virtual means. It cost-effectively helps us by reducing the cost and time of the patients and healthcare workers. 


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