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Roast & Grind & Brew Your Coffee for a Fresh Start

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A large portion of the world population starts their day with finely brewed coffee. This fine beverage wins everyone's heart in just a sip. However, have you ever wondered what makes your morning beverage such a bliss? Giving thought to how farmers, pluckers, and other coops would have contributed to every step of Costa Rican coffee farming to bring it to your coffee mugs would enhance your coffee experience a lot. The coffee you enjoy every morning goes through a few steps before coming to your mugs.

Step-1: Roasting The Beans:

Coffee is not just any beverage. Every step plays a crucial part in making it a heavenly drink that soothes your morning, evening, and every other part of the day. Roasting is one of the essential steps that enhance the taste, aroma, and essence of coffee beans. Usually, coffee beans are roasted for about 13-15 minutes to fill them up with the flavor you love.

Step-2: Grinding The Roasted Beans:

The next step is grinding the roasted beans. This step determines the taste of your coffee as well. Grinding coffee beans too fine can ruin their taste, and coarsely grounded beans may take time to dissolve. Grinding the roasted coffee beans is an art in itself. You need to stop the grinder right at the time when the coffee is not in a completely powdery state. You can grind coffee beans yourself using a burr coffee grinder as well. Order some whole coffee beans, roast them, and put them in the grinder to get freshly ground coffee.

Step-3: Brewing Your Coffee:

The last step is where you have to contribute a bit. Brewing your coffee is the last step before you get to enjoy this blissful beverage. People enjoy their coffee in varied ways. For instance, some brew it perfectly by boiling some water and adding a spoon of ground coffee. Some even like to add milk, chocolate syrup, and more. Once you make your coffee, you are free to enjoy it the way you like.

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