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The actress has recently given an interview to “LIVE with Kelly and Ryan,” the actress renowned for her performance in the film “Forrest Gump,” has talked about her latest film “Land” and has shared her thoughts on producing the film in Remote Alberta situated in Canada to make the story look more real.

It is a well-documented fact that Robin did really work hard to get the filming of “Land” done. Not only, she had to go to the jungle to film it; she also had to call “bear whisperer” to keep all the cast and crew completely safe from any danger from the wild animals.

Robin Wright, also famous for her role of President Claire Underwood in Season 6 of House of Cards, is playing the double role of director and the lead actress in the film “Land.”  The film explores her character “Edee Mathis” as she moves to a small cabin in the forest battling depression and suicidal tendencies. However, the kindness of the local stranger soon teaches her how to lead her life and gives her a new way and purpose.

However, as she filmed in the locality of Alberta (situated in Canada), she had to take care of the fact that the pet bear of the production team does not get taken away by the local grizzlies, who were taking quite a liking for the animal.

She explained that the team had to do a scene for the film where the pet bear gets eaten by another bear, and it was difficult to keep pet bears on the set because the team had wild bears roaming around the production set all day long.

She explained in her interview to “LIVE With Kelly and Ryan” that her team had to hire a bear whisperer to keep wild beers away because the set did become a little unsafe for everyone present there.

However, Robin Wright has explained that she has no regrets about shooting in the Alberta area of Canada. She explained in the interview that the team had to go there to shoot the scenes in a really authentic way.

She also added that being out there in the wild felt like medicine for her. It is nice to get the city away from your lungs, and she shared that it was a nice feeling for the whole crew to be out there and hear birds and the ruffling of leaves instead of the noise and horns of trains.

In one of her other interviews about the movie, she explained that she was a little reluctant and under-confident about directing the movie. However, she assured herself that she could do it. She had shared that she needed to tell herself that she had to be committed to her confidence and her skills to make it done.

Robin Wright also has experience of directing other independent films and few episodes of House of Cards.

Recently, she has been a pivotal feature of films like Blade Runner 2049, Wonder Woman, and The Dark of Night.



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