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“ROCKSOLAR” An Authentic Quality Portable Power Station Near Me

“ROCKSOLAR” provides high-quality lithium-ion battery portable power stations and solar panels. We provide the best quality products at affordable prices.

What are the uses of the portable power station kit?

“ROCKSOLAR” power station you can pull out of these three usb ports at once and then there is one usbc port which is also just a quick charge port capable of portable power stations this does not have a power delivery port and as for other outputs you do have a 200-watt wireless charger on the top so you basically can just set your phone there and it will charge overnight other features this has a 100-watt lantern style warm led light on it which can also do sos in case we guess you're trapped on a deserted island as for the warranty it does say 12 months on “ROCKSOLAR” but if you go to the manufacturer's website which is to go power you can double that to 24 months just by registering your product and of course, we took the 330 into my secret lab where performed all kinds of crazy experiments on it first we did the battery capacity test final results 300 watt-hours portable power station. 

How does a portable power station work?

Portable power station total discharge three hours 18 minutes now as you can see we got a whopping 100 watt-hours out of a claim 200w. that's a battery power generator 90 percent most power stations are in the 70 to 80 percent range so you're actually getting more usable battery out of this than you are most other power stations now let's check out the dc output test so 12 amps at 11.2 volts 135 watts that's actually not too bad for a little power station like this let's see what happens if we go to 13. oh, right around 100w it crapped out so 12 amps pretty good again impressive because we're able to pull 12 amps out of a 10 amp rated cigarette lighter port that's a little bit more than the competition now here's the downside does this have any 12-volt regulation circuitry no and what that means for those of you that are new to the channel is that if you don't have a power station.

Why is a portable power station best for camping?

The camping its all about portable power station a regulated 12-volt output as the battery discharges the voltage coming out of this area generator with solar panel down along with it so it gets to the point where it goes down to in a 12-volt range and a lot of 12-volt appliances will not run on something of that low voltage a very good example of this is a 12-volt compressor refrigerator which they almost all require at least 11 to 11 and a half volts to run when this gets down to like 50 percent that refrigerator is just gonna shut off so this does not have the 12-volt regulation circuitry in it and next we did the pure sine wave check let's do this just on low with no heat we are only pulling 62 watts the sine wave does look like it does change slightly it still looks pretty good now let's check out the inverter capacity test all right let's go ahead and see if we can run at least three minutes at 350 watts assuming this survives this test because we tell you what it's not smelling very good but we're here to break stuff based clean 300 watts power station.


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