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“ROCKSOLAR” Premium Quality Portable Solar Generator Kit For Sale

“ROCKSOLAR” provides high-quality lithium-ion battery portable power stations and solar panels. We provide the best quality products at affordable prices.

What are the uses of the Portable Solar Generator Kit?

“ROCKSOLAR” go ahead and get this guy all the way charged up, portable power stations, check it out it is a cloudy dark rainy day Oh so hey it's raining two core solar panels right here they're not gonna produce it enough to charge that thing today there's no way we're gonna get that charged off of solar so we'll go ahead plug it in we'll charge it off of our inverter and our batteries and the solar shed and then we'll be able to run some C tests on this thing right now off of our inverter out in our solar shed we're creating 12 volts DC so let's go ahead and just plug in the charger right here and see if we start using any electricity we'll go ahead and change this over to watts zero watts no point for coming it is using a super tiny amount of power right now so let's go ahead and we'll plug it in here and we'll see if we start charging hey come on look at that we're charging a hundred and sixty watts and we're using a hundred and eighty-four watt so we're losing.

How does Portable Solar Generator Kit work?

Solar generator kit 20 watts from this end of the cable to the inside of here probably inside of this box right here we're gonna wait for this guy to get battery power generator up to a hundred percent and then we'll start testing all the stuff that we can run on it we finally got this bad boy all charged up and now we can start running some tests on it so, first of all, let's go ahead and turn it on here gotta hold that button down for two seconds and so what we're gonna do is just see if it will charge some of these things or will a charge the laptop and so on so let's go ahead and we'll plug the laptop in and what we'll notice here is that nothing happens right so you've got to turn the DC on if you want to use these USB and USB seaports button just unplug it so we can just see what happens here portable solar kit.

Why is Portable Solar Generator Kit best for camping?

Portable solar generator kit turn it on our green light comes on and now as you can see here well you probably can't see but we're generator with solar panel to 84% on the battery I'll go ahead and turn the sound up so that you can hear when it starts charging okay let's see go ahead and plug it in there you go right we're charging beautifully it works fine okay cell phone here do we want to start charging the cell phone let's go ahead and plug that guy in yep start to charge the cell phone right recharge in here okay well let's see run our off-grid security system here absolutely right now we've got our wise camera plugged in here great option for an off-grid security system if you've got Wi-Fi on your off-grid place right maybe you're using a little Wi-Fi router or like what we're using the AT&T unlimited plan for Wi-Fi over the cell system that's what we're using here solar generator kit.


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