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ROCKSOLAR  Premium Quality Solar Generator kit For Sale

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  • Which purpose does the solar generator kit use?
  • How its works?
  • What are the advantages of a solar generator kit?

Which purpose does the solar generator kit use?

The ROCKSOLAR  this one's called the weekend warrior it's their smallest unit we are going to be doing a little review on this this uh just got out of the packaging we are charging it because i gotta start the review of the full charge it came with three quarters of a charge i'll show you what's in the box what's in the box obviously is the unit it comes with the charging cable came with a few extra things came with a cigarette portable power stationsso you can plug that into the front you can run like a little cooler you can run anything that a cigarette lighter would run at your manual you got your warranty information and then this little box came with the charger and it came with this cord and that is it for the box how's it going guys it's going off grid oh wait a second you can't see anything here we go let's turn that on and in this we're going to be talking about this you guys still can't see well let's plug this cord in there this review is going to be done with with this uh lights own power or this uh power station's.

How its works?

Solar generator kit works indoor and outdoor. Own power let's turn on the inverter there we go now we can see something just kind of point that up in the air so we get the light bouncing off of the ceiling to turn this back off we are sitting at 50 charges because we use this at work today we was working inside a house there's no battery powered generatorsin the house yet and it's raining very dark outside and in the basement of this house there is no power as well and it's super dark so we use this it's been sitting at 50 for a very long time we feel like uh the first two bars go fairly quickly and the second to last longer it's been working really well and now we were working like this we didn't use a Dewalt charger but we are curious to see if we can charge a battery at the same time as.

What are the advantages of a solar generator kit?

This solar generator so if we were actually working down there we have this battery it's got two other three bars let's see if it works we definitely saw. The light flickers a little bit it seems to be working just fine so we're powering a charger this is a standard charging, not the fast charger we don't think this thing would run but a standard charger is running oh we're down to one bar like. We said we have been using this all day well not all day been using this half a day with this light and now we plug this in and it seems to be working just fine now battery power generatorgonna take a look at the sine wave because this is a super small unit and it does not have a pure sine wave inverter and if it did oh boy that'd be super impressive but it's so the advantages of generator kit.

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