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Role of First House in Our Life

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The first house is the starting or beginning point of the birth chart. This house is the most important as it represents your existence and true self. The first house in astrology relates with your arrival on the Earth, it is the house that explains your characteristics, nature, traits, interests and everything about you as a person. In Vedas and astrological texts, 1st house janam kundli house has been given the utmost importance for making any future predictions; the existence of jeeva or body (as represented by the 1st house) has to be there!  

The first house and your past karmas

Whatever position you get in relation to your first house is due to your past karmas. The first house explains the struggles and challenges you will face in this present life. Since it is the beginning of your life, whatever has been given to you in the form of planetary placement is the result of your past karmas only. The planetary and house associations with the first lord and house narrate the whole story of your past life and recurring results of the same. Thus, a careful analysis of the 1st house helps in knowing about you and enriches your present life by altering your past sins.

What does the first house rule?

The first house represents native’s body, appearance, face, health, personality, temperament, character, intellect, fortune, longevity, dignity, honor, prosperity, natural traits, etc.

What is the importance of the first house?

The first house is your body and everything about you. This explains how important it is for a native. The first house is the 1st of the Kendra sthaan or quadrant houses. The Kendra sthaan has been called the Vishnu sthaan or maintains our survival on this Earth. A strong first house guarantees freedom from all misfortunes no matter what! It is because the native becomes so strong that they overcome any difficult situation with their own efforts. The native is independent to take all decisions in life. This is the biggest mantra of survival and success.

In Astrology, the first house is the first of the dharma trikona houses. The dharma trikona houses talk of nobleness, high moral values and religious or spiritual inclinations. It is with a strong ascendant or first house that the native follows righteous path in life. Any benefic association makes the native follow the noble way of living life.

The first house makes a lot of rajyogas in the kundli. While explaining the role of 1st house if the first Lord is placed in either of the 5th or 9th house, the native is called to be born with a rajyoga. Such native enjoys all happiness and facilities in life and is a fortunate one. The 5th and 9th houses are the trikona houses and are called the laxmi sthaan in Astrology. Any connection between the Vishnu sthaan and laxmi sthaan is commendable.

 The darker side of the first house

If the first house is occupied by the malefic planets or is getting aspect from them, it gets into fall. The presence of Rahu, Saturn, Ketu, Sun or Mars may give negative traits to the native. The person may be a cheat, thief, or involved in anti-social activities. This makes the person highly unreliable and immoral in nature.

Similarly, if during kundli analysis, the first lord goes to the bad houses like trik bhava i.e. 6th, 8th and 12th house, then also it brings fall in the moral characteristics of the native. The presence of the 1st lord in any of the bad houses gives hints of struggles, sudden events, losses, transformations and miseries in a person’s life.

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Who is the Lord of the first house?

The first house is ruled by Mars in the natural horoscope or kalpurush kundli. Mars signifies energy, and the first house is your body. So, until and unless your body has energy, you can’t move or live life. This very well explains the lordship of the first house by Mars. The karaka for the First house is Sun, which represents our soul. The first house very well explains the arrival of a soul on this Earth in the form of present birth. Thus, the first house superbly narrates what kind of soul has been arrived on this Earth!       

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