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Role of Mars in Your Life

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Mars is popularly known to create problems in married life, and the Manglik dosha is one of the most dreaded negative doshas in astrology. However, it needs a more elaborate explanation beyond the subject of this write-up. Well, when we think about what role Mars plays in our life? We first have to understand its true nature. We are unanimous when we say that life is impossible without energy. One needs power and energy to survive and grow. This need explains dominant role of Mars in our life. Without Mars, a person may turn lethargic and loses hope in life. So, no matter how aggressive or impatient this planet makes us, we need its energy to grow in life.  

Mars, the fiery red planet, is endowed with masculine energy. In Hindu scriptures, it is Bhumiputra (the son of the Earth). Mars is synonymous with anger, rage, determination, and celibacy. Every planet has both positive and negative influences. It will depend upon the placement of Mars in the birth chart to get good or bad results for a person. Mars is responsible for making a brave soldier and a terrorist simultaneously. A strong Mars gives youth, enthusiasm, excellent management skills, power, and courage to stand firm in life.

On the other hand, an afflicted or Weak Mars may affect the analyzing capabilities of a person. Excitement, aggression, and over-passionate behavior are some of the negative traits of Mars. In the absence of logical thinking, a person sometimes causes self-destruction. 

A notable fact about Mars in the birth chart 

Mars tends to lose its negative aggression and overt passion after the age of 29 for a person. It is not that Mars doesn't work after that, but it channelizes its energy into productive tasks after the age of 29 years. 

The most dreaded Manglik dosha has many combinations for cancellations. So, there is nothing to fear about Manglik Dosha. Sometimes, a person drags the unnecessary burden of being Manglik, but actually, he is not! One should visit an astrologer to understand the Manglik dosha in its true sense. Surprisingly, as a few half-learned astrologers have told you, you may not be Manglik. 

General Significations of Mars in the birth chart

  • Mars rules the zodiac signs of Aries and Scorpio, the first and eighth signs of the zodiac. These signs show high-headedness, determination, and secrecy in a person's life. 
  • Mars signifies blood, bone marrow, and related diseases.
  • Mars being bhoomiputra signifies the acquisition of land and property. 
  • In the birth chart, Mars sits in the 10th house, gets digbala, and becomes very powerful.  
  • Mars is in exaltation in Capricorn and debilitation in Cancer sign. 
  • Powerful Mars in the birth chart bestows a person's bravery, vitality, and strong determination. At the same time, an afflicted Mars gives laziness, lack of stamina, cowardice, and a lazy attitude toward life.
  • Mars mahadasha lasts for seven years in the Vimshottari dasha system. The Mars mahadasha makes a person energetic and vibrant if it is strong in the birth chart.   
  • Mars planet in Astrology holds significance such that during the mahadasha, one is likely to be more energetic than usual. The native will be highly confident and fearless. The person excels in his career and wins over enemies. However, if Mars is weak opposite results are received. 
  • Mars makes a person a soldier or makes him participate in paramilitary and military forces. Mars also governs the production of arms and weapons. 
  • Mars makes a person stand for his rights, beliefs, and causes. Mars usually gives a mindset to fight back. 
  • Mars also governs our sexual desires and is based on the placement of Mars in the birth chart. It is possible to know how you would behave with your partner. Mars stays in a sign for almost 45 days and gets retrograde almost every two years. 
  • A weak Mars will give a lack of aggression inside a person to achieve goals in life. The person doesn't dare to come out of his comfort zone or a specific framework of mind.

Role of Mars in Different Houses of the birth chart

Mars gives practical experience to a person. He learns by doing things and thus becomes wiser. 

Mars in the first house- The person can be argumentative and short-tempered. Based on the strength of Mars, the person can be a courageous person and highly energetic. 

Mars in the second house– The person may be a loud mouth and loves spicy and hot food. The person actively tries to increase his wealth and savings. 

Mars in the third house– The person is highly energetic and brave. Mars is the karaka of the third house and thus gives a person high energy and a participative spirit. The person may have supportive brothers but at the same time may have arguments with the younger siblings based on the position of Mars in his house. 

Mars in the fourth house– The person gets Manglik with Mars in 4th house. There may not be domestic peace in the person's life, but he may acquire many properties.

Mars in the fifth house– The person may like to spend his energy pursuing a rewarding love life, social amusement, and entertainment. The person easily gets attracted to the opposite gender. 

Mars in the sixth house– The person conquers his enemies effortlessly. This position is good for getting recognition and fame in the workplace. There may be conspiracies against a person, but he always wins over them.

Mars in the seventh house– The person may not have a smooth married life. There are either delays or arguments with the life partner.

Mars in the eighth house– Here, Mars indicates karmic debts. The person has to struggle a lot, and there may be chances of accidents, wounds, and surgeries.

Mars in the ninth house- The placement of Mars in ninth house may give religious inclinations based on position of Mars. With this placement, the person is very courageous and hard-working. 

Mars in the tenth house– Mars gets digbala in the 10th house and becomes very strong. The person performs energetically at workplace and gets recognition for his hard work and efforts.

Mars in the eleventh house– Mars in the eleventh house makes a person earn massive wealth through his efforts. This placement of Mars gives immense success and wealth in a person's life.

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Mars in the twelfth house– Mars in the twelfth ho    use forms mangal dosha. The person may be highly aggressive and acts secretively. He has many secret enemies, but he succeeds in defeating them all. 




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