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Role of SMS in Small Business 

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What role will SMS play in the growth of your small business? 

Let's start with these three universal truths that everyone knows. 

  • Shopping is something that everyone enjoys. 
  • People are motivated to save money. 
  • Everyone reads texts. 

Sending text message blasts to our customers has proven to be effective. Small business owners who adhere to our best practices will observe the following characteristics. 

  • Foot traffic has increased as a result. 
  • Increased number of offers being redeemed 
  • Enhanced consumer awareness of the brand 
  • Customer engagement has been improved. 

What do all of these advantages have in common? 

 Every one of them raises revenue. 

Why Should You Use SMS? 

What makes business text messaging the best marketing strategy for small businesses when compared to all other options? 

Anyone can receive text messages. Over 90% of all texts are read within the first five minutes of being received. The average American stares at their cell phone 150 or more times every day, according to statistics. American consumers want to receive mobile offers from their favorite brands, according to a recent survey. It's the ideal solution for small business owners on a tight budget. It is a cost-effective solution, as each SMS message costs only cents. 

These advantages are only the tip of the iceberg. Our platform also provides unrivaled customer service, cutting-edge features, and educational resources that equip you with the tools you need to succeed. 

What to Do to Get Started 

1. Select a keyword that describes your product or service. 

Your text marketing keyword should be straightforward, simple to remember, and unique to your company. In the case of Steve Spins Tunes, a small record store in downtown Portland, you might wish to reserve the keywords STEVE or STEVESPINS. Even SST would suffice. 

2. Create your auto-reply message. 

When subscribers opt into your SMS marketing list, they will immediately receive an auto-reply text message from you. This comprises a confirmation of subscription, redemption instructions for the promotion, and a compliance statement, among other things. A compliance statement is included at the end of your auto-reply as a precautionary measure for your protection. 

3. Increase the size of your mailing list. 

What is the next step? Increasing the number of people on your mailing list. Decide on an attractive opt-in reward, and then experiment with the list-building tactics listed below. 

  • Create a text-to-join graphic on Facebook and share it with your friends. 
  • Send out an email with instructions on how to opt-in. 
  • Post flyers in the window of the store. 
  • Create a sign-up widget and place it on your website. 

Customers should be verbally engaged, and they should be encouraged to join up. 

4. Distribute Irresistible Promotional Materials 

Subscribers will eventually become disinterested if your text promos are not enticing, to begin with. Make campaign development a collaborative approach to avoid hitting this terrible speed bump. Employees should be invited to a meeting to discuss ideas. 

People will unsubscribe if your messages are of little or no value to them. For you, this is a disappointment because it defeats the entire objective of text marketing. The greater the number of subscribers on your list, the greater the impact of your communications on sales. 



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