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Role of Twelfth House in Our Life – A Bridge Between Present and Past

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There are 12 houses in the birth chart, and every house has its significations. Out of these houses, some are called good houses while others are called bad. If we talk about the bad houses, the twelfth house is usually counted in a bad house because it shows losses. However, no house can exclusively be termed as good and bad because they depict both good and bad traits in life. It is a karmic house and shows debts of past lives. The twelfth house in birth chart may cause you huge losses and expenses but at the same time may help you attain ultimate purpose of life, i.e., salvation!



Let’s explore in detail the twelfth house:

What does the twelfth house signify?

The twelfth house stands for the losses, expenses, confinement, imprisonment, Vedic sacrifices, donations (given), foreign settlement, separation from own people, bed pleasure, prolonged hospitalization, work related to water resorts, fines, and sexual relations outside wedlock, etc.   

What can one understand from the twelfth house?

If we look at the significations of the 12th house, most of them indicate losses and separation from loved ones. It is true! The twelfth house causes distances; now, this may be in relations or a place of residence. The same 12th house sends you away from your motherland, and it may also give you a new country as a motherland. In astrology, it is said that whichever planet is placed in the 12th house in janam kundli is assumed to be in the bucket of losses.

But is the 12th house always bad? The answer is no. It is the 12th house, which is called the house of moksha, and makes the person get rid of the cycle of birth-death and re-birth. The 12th house is a mysterious house that shows hidden things in life now. These may be opportunities as well as enemies. It is interesting to know that under some circumstances, the 12th house helps a person gain immense wealth as well because it is second (house of wealth) to the 11th house, which is a house of gains.

Which planet gives a good result in the twelfth house?

The planet Venus gives excellent results in the 12th house. Venus is the planet of entertainment, comforts, love, and luxuries. So, when it is placed in the 12th house of expenses and sexual pleasures, it makes the native enjoy life to the fullest. The person spends to fulfill his materialistic desires and at same time also enjoys a good sexual life. However, the position of Venus as per sign and other associations has to be checked because excess of everything is bad. 

In the natural horoscope (kalpurush kundli), Venus gets exalted in the 12th house as the sign Pisces falls into this house which is an exaltation sign of Venus. The exalted planet is bound to give good results in life. However, the planet Venus here may give some health-related issues due to its aspect on the sixth house of diseases. But altogether, it is best to have Venus placed in the 12th house.

Effect of all the nine planets in the 12th house

Sun in the 12th house- The Sun in 12th house may cause loss of immunity and eye defects in the person. The native may get success abroad. The position is not desirable as it adds to the strength of the enemies of the native. Low self-confidence can be seen, and the person may show false ego, pride, and arrogance. It also induces immoral behavior.

Moon in the 12th house– The Moon in twelfth house may give an unstable mind. The person may remain in isolation and have a spiritual bent of mind. He may not get connected emotionally with people and try to search for the true meaning of life.

Mars in the 12th house– The Mars in 12th house gives many hidden enemies to the native. The native finds it difficult to take his own stand and, most of the time, remains busy in unnecessary fights. This position can cause blood-related diseases and accidents.

Mercury in the 12th house– Mercury doesn’t give good results here. The person may suffer from indecisiveness and a confusing state of mind. The position may also give skin-related diseases. However, the person may engage in foreign trade to get good benefits in life.

Jupiter in the 12th house– Jupiter gives religious and spiritual inclinations in the 12th house. The position may cause fat, sugar, or thyroid-related issues, but the position is good for attaining spiritual advancements in life.

Venus in the 12th house – Venus is considered good in the 12th house and makes the native enjoy life to the fullest. The person goes for foreign leisure travels and enjoys every amenity in life. 

Saturn in the 12th house – Saturn here gives excellent intuitions to the person. The person continually moves towards attaining salvation in life. It is also the karaka bhava of Saturn, and it is very comfortable here. It is difficult to fool the person with Saturn in the 12th house.

Ketu in the 12th house– Ketu is a spiritual planet, and its placement in the house of moksha accelerates the process of attaining salvation by giving spiritual tendencies to the native.

Rahu in the 12th house– Rahu in 12th house gives uncontrollable expenses, especially on diseases and worldly things. The person may have some serious diseases related to the feet. It also takes the person to a foreign land or in contact with foreigners. 

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