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We frequently hear about people who shift careers in order to pursue their passion. Today, we'll tell you about Roma Khanna, a lawyer who left a career in black and white to pursue her vibrant passion for beauty. Roma is a makeup artist located in Noida who is building a reputation for herself in the makeup business, owing to her impeccable talent and attitude.


She has been one of the tops in her field in Noida since 2016. Her passion for colour and beauty led her to abandon her legal career. “I actually went to the High Court for 6-7 months,” Roma explains in one of her interviews, “but my heart was calling me to follow my other interest, make-up was my love.”


She graduated from IP University with a law degree and began working for Hon. Justice Mrs Prathiba Singh of the Delhi High Court and Hon. Mr Maninder Singh, Senior Advocate Supreme Court. But, in the end, she chose to explore her artistic side.


When a person wishes to change careers, it is often difficult to persuade their parents. But not in the case of Roma. Her parents and family were and continue to be very supportive and encouraging of her career and personal decisions. They even assisted in converting one of the garage rooms in Noida home into a Greek-style cosmetics studio, shortly before the pandemic lockdown.


The pursuit of her desire, as well as the encouragement she received, is truly admirable. All she had to do was believe in herself and her job, and she became one of Noida's top make-up artists. Her fondness for colours and painting prompted her to establish a career as an artist.


“I enjoyed painting,” she says. I began painting in school and then took several workshops from the world's top make-up artists, and mixing one colour into another made me tremendously pleased.”


Apart from painting, she spent a year and a half designing garments and was quite excellent at it, but it didn't appeal to her as much as make-up did. Her personality is recognised for being humble and quiet. She handles every problem with the utmost delicateness and honesty, no matter how difficult it becomes. Her clientele has always admired her charm and demeanour, as seen by the glowing ratings she receives on renowned cosmetics sites.


It takes a lot of effort to pursue your passion. Roma's commitment to her career demonstrates this. Despite the obstacles, she makes sure to keep her word. She even travelled to Jhansi for a client when pregnant. What a dedicated person!


“My favourite bridal style for this season is mixtures of peaches and browns with a tinge of gold or copper,” she adds while recounting her favourite bridal makeup. Ladies! … Bear that in mind!


Roma's journey teaches us a vital lesson about the importance of listening to your intuition and breaking out from conventional job pathways in order to live a life of fulfilment and delight. Changing your ways will work for you if you trust in yourself and have as much respect for your interests as Roma does. Exploring her creative side and a talent for colours and painting is all that it took for her to get to where she is now.


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