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RSPCA’s Impactful Work Place Giving Animation Case Study

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In the dynamic landscape of corporate social responsibility, organizations are increasingly turning to innovative methods to engage their employees in charitable initiatives. One such powerful tool gaining traction is work place giving animation. In this case study, we delve into how Motion Story collaborated with RSPCA to create an impactful work place giving animation campaign that not only captured the hearts of employees but also drove positive change.

The Challenge:

RSPCA, a leading animal welfare organization, recognized the potential of work place giving as a means to boost their fundraising efforts and increase employee involvement. However, they faced the challenge of conveying their mission in a compelling and easily digestible way that resonated with diverse audiences. That’s where Motion Story stepped in.

The Solution:

Motion Story, a renowned animation studio, understood the significance of storytelling in fostering emotional connections. They crafted a bespoke work place giving animation that not only showcased RSPCA’s mission but also highlighted the tangible impact employees could make through their contributions.

The animation began with a heartwarming narrative, illustrating the journey of a rescued animal from despair to a loving forever home. Through vibrant visuals and a compelling script, Motion Story effectively communicated RSPCA’s dedication to animal welfare. The animation seamlessly integrated the concept of work place giving, emphasizing the power of collective contributions to create meaningful change.

Engaging Visuals:

The success of the work place giving animation hinged on its ability to capture and maintain the audience’s attention. Motion Story employed visually appealing graphics, vibrant colors, and relatable characters to create an immersive experience. The animation not only conveyed the urgency of RSPCA’s mission but also celebrated the positive impact that could be achieved through teamwork.

Interactive Elements:

To enhance employee engagement, Motion Story incorporated interactive elements within the animation. This included clickable buttons that provided additional information about specific programs, success stories, and the direct outcomes of work place giving. This approach not only educated employees about RSPCA’s work but also empowered them to choose the causes they felt most passionate about.

Measurable Impact:

The work place giving animation had a measurable impact on RSPCA’s fundraising efforts. The campaign not only exceeded its initial donation targets but also witnessed increased participation from employees at all levels of the organization. The animation served as a catalyst for fostering a culture of giving within the workplace, strengthening the bond between employees and the organization’s philanthropic endeavors.


Motion Story’s collaboration with RSPCA stands as a testament to the effectiveness of work place giving animation in driving positive change. By combining compelling storytelling with visually engaging elements, the campaign successfully inspired employees to contribute to RSPCA’s noble cause. As more organizations recognize the potential of such innovative approaches, the future of work place giving looks promising, animated by a shared commitment to making a difference in the world.

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