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Rudraksha – Miracle of Modern Times

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In Astrology, planets are known to bring their good and bad effects on our lives based on their placement in the birth chart. The astrologers provide several remedies, including donations, chanting, worship, fasting, and wearing gems. The use of Rudraksha is also one of the most prescribed and effective remedies for overcoming troubles in life. Rudraksha is a kind of seed or kernel of fruit generally found on the trees in hilly areas. As per mythological beliefs, Rudraksha is known to be originated from the tear glands of the eyes of Lord Shiva. It is said when Lord Shiva opened his eyes after performing severe penance, some tears fell from his eyes on the Earth and transformed into the Rudraksha tree.

Rudraksha consists of two words, Rudra + Aksha. It symbolizes Lord Shiva stating “Rudra” as Shiva and “Aksha” as tears. It is believed that a person can get the blessings of Lord Shiva by wearing Rudraksha. Rudraksha helps the person to get positivity and spiritual tendencies. Rudraksha is known to remove the physical grief of the wearer. Rudraksha trees are mostly found in Burma, Nepal, Indonesia, and Thailand. They can be seen in some parts of the Western Ghats in Southern India. The supreme quality comes from a certain altitude in the Himalayas as atmosphere, soil, and other factors influence the quality. The Rudraksha has unique vibrations.


Which Rudraksha should one wear?


The number of faces in a Rudraksha bead can vary from a single face to 21 faces. Every variation has a unique purpose of serving, so it is strictly not recommended to buy a Rudraksha in the shop and wear it. Wearing the wrong type of Rudraksha can bring disturbances in one's life. The Rudraksha is suggested in Astrology to balance certain planets' energies to get positive results. Whenever it is not suitable to wear a gemstone of a planet, wearing a rudraksha of that planet reaps good benefits for the native. Many people might want to wear Ek Mukhi rudraksha because it is a powerful rudraksha. But think for a while, when you have so many faces and are wearing one Mukhi rudraksha, you definitely ask for trouble!


Benefits of Wearing Rudraksha


Create your own cocoon: When we are constantly on the move and have to eat and sleep in different places, Rudraksha provides very good support by creating a safe and comfy place of our own. When we go to a new place, we don't need to be at peace in every location, for some might not be conducive to our own kind of energy. The Rudraksha there helps to settle down nicely. 

Create a protective shield: The Rudraksha acts like a protective shield to safeguard the wearer from negative energies.


To get benefits of different planets: When a benefic planet in the birth chart is placed in the bad houses or badly afflicted, then in that case wearing the Rudraksha of that planet helps get good benefits. Sometimes, we need to clarify the energy of some planet in the birth chart without any intention to strengthen it. In that case, if we wear the Rudraksha related to that planet, it absorbs the negative energies and helps to remove obstacles in life. E.g. Jupiter being benefic if creating problems in life; a person is suggested to wear its Rudraksha to safeguard against the planet's negative effects while containing its good effects.   


 Rudraksha for different planets


·         One Mukhi rudraksha- Sun

·         Two Mukhi rudraksha- Moon

·         Three Mukhi rudraksha- Mars

·         Four Mukhi rudraksha- Mercury

·         Five Mukhi rudraksha- Jupiter

·         Six Mukhi rudraksha- Venus

·         Seven Mukhi rudraksha- Saturn

·         Eight Mukhi rudraksha- Rahu

·         Nine Mukhi rudraksha- Ketu 

·         Ten Mukhi rudraksha- None

·         Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha- None

·         Twelve Mukhi rudraksha- None

·         Thirteen Mukhi rudraksha- Venus

·         Fourteen Mukhi rudraksha- Saturn

·         Gauri Shankar Rudraksha- Moon


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There is a strong connection between Rudraksha and Astrology, and they serve as best astrological remedy for different planets. The beneficial effects of Rudrakshas have been explained in various ancient Hindu scriptures. These have bio-magnetic properties, as found in various scientific pieces of research. These help to invoke positive energies inside a person. In a nutshell, Rudraksha affects both our psychology and nervous system to realize good results in life.  


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