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As we know Axe throwing is one of the best sports ever. many people are fond of this sport because it is a very interesting and enjoyable sport. Participants make competition with each other and try to beat each other by applying their best skills. The whole process of playing this sport is that” The limited number of players take participate once. Their main focus is to hit the target(bullseye), attempting to hit the bullseye as near as possible. If their axe hit at the centre of the board then they can achieve a higher score for their turn. This is a very secure and healthy sport but this sport is totally based on proper rules and regulations. The participant has obligation to strictly follow all rules and regulations of the game. If players break any regulation, then it will be eliminated for their turn having zero scores for their turn.

Following are some of the rules and regulations


Every league has its own rules and regulations, there are different boards and scoring but the board that is used for the league should be made of wood. The most popular woods that are used for axe throwing sports are cottonwood, poplar wood or pine wood. There are two types of leagues: IATF (International Axe Throwing Federation, formerly National Axe Throwing Federation) and WATL (World Axe Throwing League). Both have different rules and regulations IATF league has 4 zones: 3 main and 1 extra. WATL target has 5 main zones and 1 Extra.

# The distance between the marked line and the board should be 12 feet approximately. If the player touched the marked line, then the player will be eliminated for their turn with having zero scores. The common rule is that the thrower must not step over the throwing line before the axe hits or misses the target; a thrower who steps over the line gets 0 points.

# Only professional players can win the league because to play perfectly axe throwing the player must be well familiar with skills and techniques and rules. The beginner player should take consultation from a professional because while throwing if the player does not make proper position, then the player might be injured. Like The arm muscle, or leg muscle of the player might be stretched.

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