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In most popular games axe throwing is one. In this game, participant enjoys the game by throwing their axe onto the board in order to hit the target (marked bullseye at the centre of the board) If a player gets succeed to hit at bullseye, then got 8 points for the turn, the maximum scores. Many people think it is an unsafe game they mean that we can get injured by playing this game but they are wrong it is a very secure game if we play under the rules and regulations of the game. Before throwing an axe, we should proper learn about the techniques of how to throw perfectly. There are two ways/techniques that we can use for throwing an axe. The first one is # One-handed over the shoulder- In this technique, we use only one hand for throwing an axe toward the board. In this technique, we will start by allowing the axe to swing down beside our leg and using that swinging momentum to bring it up again past the ear of our throwing hand. The next step is to throw an axe straight at the target with the full energy of your arm so it hit at your desired target where you want to hit. This technique mostly uses participants when the board is made up of soft wood. Otherwise, participant prefer to use for the two-handed method- In this method, participants grab an axe with both hands and grab it tightly. The next step is to swing the axe with energy and bring it above the head and take the position of throwing after that throw an axe straight at the target. This technique is mostly used when the board is made up of hard wood so the participant has to need to throw an axe with full power so it sticks at the target. These two are throwing methods that we can use for throwing and playing safely without having any injury. If we avoid following throwing rules then we can be injured by throwing as we get injured while throwing like get arm muscle stretch. or our have thrown axe may hit at the wrong target.

Another common rule that we must follow: The distance between a board and a marked line (from where participant throws their axe attempt to hit the target) is approximately 12 feet and the rule is that players' feet should not be in touch with the marked line if player feet touch the marked line, they may get eliminated for their turn with getting zero marks. Don't worry if you do not well familiar with axe throwing rules and regulations. Axe Master is one of the best studios where everyone can learn how to play perfectly. We are best known for providing axe throwing in Sugar Hill. Axe Master Throwing is a fun place for adults of all ages. Here we provide the best equipment for playing. We have great professionals that can assist you while playing. To get more valuable detail kindly visit our website.


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