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There's a lot of information available and RuneScape gold I want it to be done the most efficient way possible to get my mage up to 99. I know I can just go into P2P and get lost performing this and that in a haphazard sequence like I did a few in the past, LOL. That's what I want to avoid.

For me, the simple reason is that I hate the loss of items that I've for a long time grinding for. I've been trying hard to get the Chaos Elemental Pet Drop while I was completing Elite Clues. This means that I'm putting up about 6k worth material. I do not allow anyone to PK me.

Another problem is that my account was not made for PvP. I'm 136 combat with three 99's based on combat. There are three types of magic: Defense, Constitution, and Magic. My stats for skill all go over 70, with the majority in the the 80's. I'm not able to find anything over 90 (except for 99 Fletching which isn't useful in PvP).

Within just a few steps, I could be attacked by anyone who has a full 99 combat stats. This includes players who have an inventory of rocktails, overloads and other types of weapons and armor, as well as a yak full rocktails. Maybe I can be able to compete against mage however once someone has the advantage of beasts-of-burden or potions and I'm a tad outclassed. That's not to say I'm not complaining. Although I could make efforts to make my site competitive I can't think there is any financial benefit. If I had the luck, I could get drygores from someone I PK.

If I find someone with skulls, I'll smash their prayers and, the most important thing, actually kill them. I don't have the chaining ability, so they will probably outclass mine in that space. I'd rather have 90 minutes playing KK with my buddies, kill it 30x in 90 minutes, and get my one drygore. PvP is my absolute favorite part. I love the thrill of PvP however that's not what I miss about PvM. It's a great question, and I'd be interested to buy 2007 runescape gold hear other answers.


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