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In 2005, Slayer was launched. It was possible with RuneScape gold a much smaller team of developers than what we have today. While I can understand that it's more difficult to make updates today that include textures, and all that, more quests or updates would certainly be welcomed.

Although I may be mistaken, it seems like Jagex gives more thought to Treasure Hunter/Solomon updates than regular game updates. A bunch of items that have been made available there could have been incorporated into a quest or skill expansion. Forges that are portable and ranges in particular.

Quality over quantity? It's not really. It means that 2005 was not very good or as good as it is the case today. The current quests are include: One of a Kind – OK. This one should have been classified as Grandmaster rather than Master. It's also fast. The areas are now made up of recycled graphics (the celestial dragon dungeon is identical to the one in the Brimhaven-metal Dragon region).

Fate of Gods – Outstanding / Excellent. It's tiny but very efficient. Shadow Over Ashdale: Novice and brief however, it has a excellent atmosphere. The Mighty Fall- Very Good. Plague's End was clearly was rushed. Although some of the parts were nice but were masked by the lack of depth in others.

Three of them are good, and three are bad. I'd say that the late 2013 quests are more time-consuming than other quests. Birthright of the Dwarves was one of the most well-known examples, with the absence of old school runescape buy gold a Post Quest Dialogue available until Plague's Ende (almost a full year).


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