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RuneScape – The stats don’t degrade gradually

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If you don't care about looks , then you (are a sad homo) are able to OSRS gold purchase Veracs skirt to match legs of torn.. Similar def bonus to torags legs, albeit more expensive and has prayer bonuses, so you are able to use it as a slayer in the event that you don't want to pray prayers to protect yourself. Dfs is only used for tanking bosses or in pvp activities, as drag def is MUCH better due to its epic atk bonuses.

The same idea is applicable to platelegs. The only difference is that Dragon platelegs are cheaper. The question is, how much will it cost to repair (convenience of repair isn't a concern since there are NPCs that repair in Lumbridge, Khazard, Burthorpe Void Knight Outpost and you could repair it at your home)?

It's about 90,000 per 15 hours. Much less if it's done at home, and you actually possess a medium level of smithing (50, for example, will cost about 70k). Let's add up and call it 100k, like we're rounding down the price of Torag's 300k not 340k. 1290 = 86*15. This is how many hours you'd have to be fighting with the thing (not just wearing it) prior to spending nearly as much on it you would for a dragon platebody.

For reference, 200 hours would be an incredibly long time to get a skill to 99. This is a problem in combat. This isn't just a matter of wearing it. The stats don't degrade gradually. They're fine until they end when it drops from 25% to zero. I cannot understand why you are paying more to purchase a subpar piece of armour , based on the requirement to shell out a tiny amount of cash each day for 15 hours of combat. The reason that dragon platebodies are priced so high has nothing to do with directly relate to their use It's because they're hard to come by.

If not, I'll be buying a BGs, and then an d claw with any excess cash… Then the other cash is used to levels mage, pray summ or herby. Ndy: Got 90 Str today.. I'm not going to train on that for quite a while.. Not till I get 85 def and 90 atk. (From the 80-85 ..), and 70-70 range and rs07 fire cape possibly even getting veng l0l..





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