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The actor, who is famous for playing the character Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter franchise, has revealed that he, Emma Watson, and Daniel Radcliffe have never talked together about the fame.

He has revealed in an interview with Sunday Times that he, Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), and Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) never discuss fame whenever they sit and talk with each other.

In the Sunday Times interview, Rupert Grint also talked about his experience of being a father after his partner Georgia Groome gave birth to a daughter, which they have named Wednesday. She was born in May of last year.

Professionally, Rupert Grint currently stars on the horror show “The Servant,” which currently airs on Apple TV+. He became honest in the interview and said that despite the fact that he loves his character very much, the idea of leaving the acting profession is always there inside his brain.

Rupert Grint has added that being a father has intensified those anxieties. He clarified that it does not mean that he dislikes his role in “Servant.” He further added that he loves working on a TV show.

He explained that he started working on a Harry Potter film from such a young age that dealing with fame has always been difficult. By saying that, he also said that he refrains from discussing fame with Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe whenever the actors do meet.

He was careful in comparing the fame the three of them have had courtesy of Harry Potter with the Beatles, but he did add that the soaring popularity was almost similar to the Beatles.

He also added that though he never refuses a photograph, there are times when he misses his anonymity. He did state that the lockdown and the necessity to wear a mask has regained his anonymity a bit. He jokingly said that he sometimes thinks of wearing a mask with a Daniel Radcliffe’s face on it.

Rupert Grint has recently revealed in an interview that he did gain a bad name for himself on the sets of Harry Potter after he couldn’t stop messing around while Dumbledore’s funeral was happening. He has also shed light on the career path he would choose should he ever walk away from acting. He shared that he has an innate passion for carpentry and designing buildings.

He said that before lockdown happened, he was always just buying tools. However, recently, he has commenced an initiative in the pottery production domain. He shared that the time when Wednesday goes to sleep, he develops his designs into some useful items.

All three of them are now very busy actors, and though they do not get time to have fun like the good old days, the star of the Harry Potter films and Swiss Army Man, Daniel Radcliffe, did find time to write his friend Rupert Grint a “congratulatory” DM  in May (the time when Wednesday was born).

Daniel Radcliffe recently revealed in an interview that he sometimes feels weird that he and his friends from Harry Potter have reached an age where they all are having babies, but he is well aware of the fact that they have reached that stage indeed.

Daniel Radcliffe was last seen in the film “Escape From Pretoria,” which was released on March 6th, 2020.

Source :- https://a5setup.co.uk/rupert-grint-talks-about-fame-and-his-harry-potter-costars/


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