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One farm wedding in Michigan can be a blend of two different styles: modern and rustic. These two styles combined create a unique farm wedding scene that can be personalized to suit any couple. It's important to remember the purpose behind having a farm wedding: to celebrate the moment with family and friends and put on an unforgettable show for everyone involved.

Location is an integral part of farm wedding. If you are holding the farm wedding in the summer, consider having it near a lake or pond so that your guests can enjoy swimming and boating. A farm wedding held in autumn should take advantage of farm activities like hayrides and corn mazes for everyone to enjoy together.

A farm wedding can also include specific tasks that you want your guests to get involved with, such as picking vegetables or making pies from scratch. You would be surprised at how many people are willing to help out when there's something tangible at stake, which will definitely come in handy during farm weddings!​

The farm wedding ceremony is often held at dusk or dawn, making it a sentimental setting for everyone. Guests can admire the farm fields and farm buildings as part of the special atmosphere. Choosing to have an outdoor farm wedding makes this scene even more beautiful.​​ People feel comfortable and enjoy themselves when they know their surroundings and environment are enhanced with farm weddings and farm decorations. It takes some effort on your part, but we assure you that your guests will leave impressed by farm style weddings!​

You may want to go for a picnic after the farm wedding ceremony, which is where bringing in food from local farmers comes into play as these people usually bring their finest products straight from the source, meaning you get quality food for less expense.​​ Finally, farm dinners can be a great idea for farm weddings because they involve farm food and farm themes to make the farm wedding more dynamic. People will always remember farm dinners, especially when they enjoy it together!

Why choose a Farm Wedding Venue

When farm weddings can be so personal, exciting and different? We are here to help you find farm decor for your farm wedding in Michigan.

What to expect when you book a farm wedding

We can help you find farm style wedding ideas for your farm wedding in Michigan.​ Everyone will remember farm weddings once they experience it first hand so why not bring farm weddings to your farm?

What is farm decorating without farm tables and farm chairs? Let us provide complete farm table décor paired with rustic farm benches or folding chairs that are made of wood.​​ Farm tables are great places to put stacks of hay, wildflowers and pumpkins as part of the farm theme. Your guests will be delighted by the sight of these decorations during a Michigan farm wedding.

A birdhouse may seem like an unusual addition to a farm table, but it really comes into play when you're looking at ways to combine modern elements with rustic ones.​​ In farm weddings, farm tables will help you create a farm theme that you can see and touch. You don't have to follow farm wedding decor trends if you want your farm wedding to be a success!

We all love farm style weddings because they give us a venue for letting our hair down and having fun with friends and family… Preferably after the farm dinner is served, of course.​​ Let us show you how farm catering can make farm dinners, even more well-presented as part of the farm wedding in Michigan. We provide great food at affordable prices so call today!


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