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Safeguarding Your Amazon Business: How to Remove Amazon FBA HiJackers

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In the competitive landscape of Amazon's FBA platform, unauthorized sellers, commonly known as hijackers, pose a significant threat to your business. Are you wondering How To RemoveAmazon FBA HiJackersIn this advanced guide, we will delve into strategic steps to effectively identify, confront, and eliminate hijackers from your Amazon FBA listings.

Identifying the Threat: Regular Vigilance

Maintaining a proactive stance is crucial. Regularly monitor your product listings, scrutinize customer feedback, and stay alert to any unusual activity.

Analytics and Reports

Utilize Amazon's analytics tools to track sales, inventory, and customer behavior. This data can be instrumental in identifying anomalies that may indicate hijacking attempts.

Building a Solid Defense: Documenting Ownership

Gather indisputable evidence of your product ownership. This may include invoices, receipts, or high-quality images that showcase your product's uniqueness. This is the most useful step if you know how to remove an Amazon listing hijacker.

Watermarking and Unique Identifiers

Consider watermarking your product images or using unique identifiers. This can act as a deterrent and make it more challenging for hijackers to replicate your listings.

Engaging with Hijackers: Polite and Firm Communication

Initiate contact with hijackers through Amazon's messaging system. Clearly state your ownership, provide evidence, and request the removal of their listing. Maintain a professional and assertive tone.

Monitoring Responses

Keep track of hijacker responses. If they refuse to comply or fail to respond, move on to more formal channels with Amazon Support.

Escalating the Matter with Amazon: Reporting Unauthorized Sellers

Navigate through Seller Central to report the issue to Amazon. Provide detailed information, including evidence of ownership, screenshots of the unauthorized listing, and a concise description of the problem. Remove the hijacker from your Amazon listing from NAW Protect's expert advice.

Opening a Case with Seller Support

When initial communication proves ineffective, escalate the matter by opening a case with Amazon Seller Support. Clearly outline the issue, attach relevant evidence, and request prompt resolution.

Strategic Measures for Ongoing Protection

Consider changing your product's FNSKU or UPC. This adjustment can disrupt the hijacker's ability to match their inventory with yours, adding an extra layer of protection.

Leveraging Amazon Brand Registry

Enroll in Amazon Brand Registry to unlock additional tools for brand protection. This includes advanced search and reporting features that empower you in the fight against hijackers.

Legal Considerations: Seeking Legal Advice

If hijacking persists despite all efforts, consult with a legal professional. Explore potential legal actions against the hijacker to protect your brand and intellectual property.


NAW Protect experts guide howto remove hijackers from your Amazon listingEffectively combating Amazon FBA hijackers requires a multifaceted approach that combines vigilance, proactive defense measures, strategic communication, and collaboration with Amazon support. By implementing the advanced strategies outlined in this guide, you can fortify your business against the threat of unauthorized sellers and safeguard your brand's integrity on the world's largest online marketplace. To keep your headache aside, meet NAW Protect experts today. If you are not satisfied with the services, your whole money will refunded.



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