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Samsung Lee Dae-seong Returns to KBL

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Lee Dae-seong Returns to KBL, “I Don’t Think Korea Gas Corporation had a Sincere Offer”


50-minute professional basketball Samsung joining interview… “I feel sorry for Korea Gas Corporation.”

Lee Dae-seong (Samsung), who caused great controversy in the professional basketball free agent (FA) market by returning after a year of stopping his ‘overseas challenge', said, “There was no sincere offer from Korea Gas Corporation in Daegu.”

At a press conference to join Seoul Samsung held at the KBL Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 22nd, Lee Dae-seong said, “Even with the same issue, there may be room for different interpretations depending on the situation, but by my standards, I thought there was no sincere offer (from Korea Gas Corporation)”

He added, “I don't know what Korea Gas Corporation will think, but there was no ‘offer'” 카지노사이트탑

He added, “I was the one who caused this big incident, so I want to apologize to Korea Gas Corporation and its fans.”

On the 21st, Lee Dae-seong signed a contract with Samsung for a period of 2 years and a total compensation of 600 million won in the first year.

He made a ‘U-turn' to Korean professional basketball a year after playing overseas, saying he wanted growth and challenge.

Lee Dae-sung, who boasted top-level skills in the league, including being the top scorer among domestic players for two consecutive seasons, even held a press conference to announce that he was leaving Korea because he wanted more intense competition, so basketball fans were very disappointed.

Lee Dae-seong, who originally intended to advance to the Australian league, turned to the Japanese B-league when negotiations did not go smoothly.

He joined Japan's Seahorse Mikawa as an Asian quarter player and averaged 7.2 points, 2.5 rebounds, and 1.9 assists in the regular league this season.

Lee Dae-seong, who chose to return to Korea in this free agency market, is said to have received a recruitment offer from Korea Gas Corporation on the 20th, while contract negotiations with Samsung were well underway.

The proposal was received as the deadline for the autonomous negotiation period announced by KBL (the 21st) was approaching.

If this claim is true, Korea Gas Corporation has belatedly entered into a bid to recruit Lee Dae-seong.

Lee Dae-seong said of this proposal, “It may be my arbitrary interpretation, but I don’t think it is sincere.”

He added, “(Korea Gas Corporation) made an offer a day ago,”

adding, “I don’t know the intention. I don’t know how to interpret it.”

Lee Dae-sung's transfer to Samsung left Korea Gas Corporation, his former team, in a sad mood.

Korea Gas Corporation, which respected Lee Dae-sung's will to take on challenges during the overseas expansion process, waived its right to renew the contract.

Rather than withholding rights to players through arbitrary termination or other methods, they were completely released.

If Lee Dae-sung had transferred to a domestic club last year, Korea Gas Corporation could have received compensation equivalent to 200% of his compensation (KRW 1.1 billion) or a bundle of compensation player and compensation (KRW 275 million).

Korea Gas Corporation claims that it believed Dae-seong Lee's statement that he would compete overseas for at least two years and released him as a free agent.

However, Daesung Lee made a ‘U-turn' and changed his domestic team within a year, and Korea Gas Corporation did not receive any compensation for this.

In relation to this, Lee Dae-seong emphasized that Korea Gas Corporation's decision not to terminate the contract arbitrarily was not his will, but the club's strategic decision.

It is claimed that he originally intended to leave the club and go abroad through voluntary termination, but after an internal review, the club chose ‘no contract concluded' and allowed him free agent status.

In fact, Korea Gas Corporation felt burdened about guaranteeing the existing salary to a player in his mid-30s if Lee Dae-sung returns in two years, and it is interpreted that Lee Dae-seong entered into negotiations with the overseas team without any ‘shackles' as the two sides agreed.

Lee Dae-seong, who repeatedly emphasized that he feels sorry to Korea Gas Corporation, said that from the player's individual standpoint, Korea Gas Corporation is requesting Samsung, his current team, to receive compensation for the player and others.

However, Samsung Secretary-General Choi Jin-young said, “This is not something that Korea Gas Corporation should talk about with an individual player named Lee Dae-seong,” and drew the line, “It is a matter that should be negotiated (between clubs), saying, ‘It would be nice if they could give us something.'”

He said, “We can talk (if the other party requests it).

I don't know if they are saying they are even reviewing (the compensation plan),” and added, “We have to listen to the proposal first, so we are not in a situation where we can promise that anything will work.”

Lee Dae-seong also said, “I also want to take responsibility (to Korea Gas Corporation), but there is a limit to what I can do as a player.

I think I am doing my best within that, and I hope it goes well.”

Regarding the press conference that lasted for about 50 minutes, he said, “Actually, it felt like a hearing.

This situation is also very embarrassing,” and “I was criticized a lot, and I think there is a lot to criticize.

I may not be able to do this while being congratulated on a new beginning, but I will still work hard.” added.



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