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SAN Switches C-series 

HPE SAN Switches C-series help you to change your storage area network modern and newer than before with more capabilities. Nowadays storage environments need greater situation to predict and understand what is going to happen in next step so it helps us to have more consistency, focus on our network and keep the performance always up and ready for hard situations. To activate various functions on the HPE SAN switches, specific HPE License types would be required.

HPE C-Series SAN Switch features 

HPE C-series SAN Switches have so many different feature and capabilities which help you to modernize your network environments, we are going to list some these advanced feature and capabilities that are available like: 

  • High Availability Platform 

HPE C-series Fibre Channel Switch is designed for critical phases in environments which downtime is unacceptable and costs to many damages so in these situation risk percentage should be zero. HPE C-series give no interruptions during software upgrades and updates.  

  • Simplified Management 

HPE C-series storage network Switch supports SAN plug-and-play capability as well as built-in storage network management, with all features available through a command-line interface (CLI) or the Data Center Network Manager for simplified storage management. 

There is some software that we use for network managing which are include with switch, enables management tool to bring together according to tasks and responsibilities wizards that make it simpler to manage standalone switch or multiple switches and fabrics at no additional costs that can have wide range of benefits for customer. HPE C-series switches reduce ongoing operating expenses by providing a consistent set of provisioning, management, and diagnostic capabilities. 

  • Smart and costs less storage networking service  

HPE C-series storage network Switch supports innovative and high-tech features such as virtual storage area network (VSANs), port channels, quality of service (QoS), SAN security, SAN management, hardware-enforced zoning, and in services of these software upgrade, it doesn’t cots any additional price. 

VSAN technology enables cost-effective way to unify resources while providing high flexibility to potential fabric interruption. 

Provides advanced traffic management capabilities integrated into the HPE C-series storage network Switch to simplify deployment and optimization of core-edge fabrics. 

  • High Performance with Exceptional Flexibility 

Offers flexibility to “pay as you grow” by scaling the HPE C-series Switch onsite by enabling additional ports by adding on-demand port activation licenses which gives you more tools and range of capabilities to operate and deploy your stages of your work in the environments. 

HPE C-series switches are designed and made to keep up with performances and scalability that are required in the most demanding places and environments. 



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