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Sapa Motorbike Tours 7D 6N for Thrill and Adventure Riders

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My travel buddy and I had already heard of the irresistible beauty of Sopa when we came to Vietnam. Sapa is a hidden gem from the hustle and bustle of urban life, offering o We decided to visit the land completely by motorcycling to explore every nook and cranny of the unique Vietnamese culture and get a strong taste of life there. Let's plunge into our

perfect getaway for mony.

Sapa motorbike tours!
Sapa Motorbike Tours – Itinerary

Day 1. Hanai to Thanh Hoa Matorbike Tours (Pu Luong – Ba Thuoc)

We were too eager to explore Sapa that right after breakfast, my friend and I hopped on our motorbikes to ride down the Red River dike. Bomboo trees, fruit orchards, duck ponds, enormous rice fields, and local markets really satisfied our wonders.

Tropical rainforest covers the Pu Luong limestone mountains, extending from Mai Chau north to Cuc Phuong national park south. This is truly a treat for nature lovers on your first day of sightseeing.

Estimated distance: 185 km
Day 2. Mai Chau & Moc Chau to Son La (Pu Luong – Bac Yen) Motorcycle Tours

The highlight of our second day on our Sapa motorcycle tours was the Bac Yen district. This is home to Ta Xua Dinosaur Spine, popularly known as the Northwest's cloud ocean (Son Lo) that is all the rage on nature traveling these days in Vietnam. Beautiful as it is, the route to To Xua remains a challenge for most bikers. You may struggle to cross the tight, rugged trail that leads to the spot. But once you reach the top, the

breathtaking scenery will make it all worth it. The white cotton clouds are a feast to the eye if you get up early enough to catch the sunrise.

Luckily, we were blessed to behold that majestic scene when the very first light ray cut through the fluffy cotton candies and bewitched our naked eyes with its enchantment.

Estimated distance: 170 km

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