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Saptarishi Stonex – Best Granite & Marble Dealers in Allahabad

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A hard and compact igneous rock called a granite is made of mica, feldspar, and quartz. Therefore, it is the perfect material for facades due to its toughness and longevity. This natural stone adds strength and hardness to your outside wall cladding by resisting heat and cold. Large sizes can produce smooth, continuous surfaces that have a classic look. Granite is water and mould resistant. It will look fantastic in both big and little bathrooms, adding a touch of elegance.

Best Granite Dealers in Allahabad

Granites are ideal for giving interior walls a dash of class and brilliance. It improves your home's natural appearance and facilitates the connection between indoor and outdoor areas. Granite's mirror effect or natural sensations with honed or aged granites will drastically transform the look of a bedroom or kitchen.

Granite's appearance depends on how it is quarried, treated, and finished. There are countless hues and textures of this stone. You will have a facade that will last a lifetime because granite has a tendency to preserve its colour and pattern for a very long time..

Best Granite Showroom in Allahabad

The most popular option of stone used for residential and commercial construction is granite. Granite is a stain-resistant and long-lasting stone. Its variety of colours and width make it the most gorgeous stone you'll ever see. A top-ranking granite manufacturer in India that creates high-quality, durable granites is Saptarishi Stonex. The mix of beauty and polish makes our best granite famous. For the best selection, check out our website.

The magnificent Taj is what comes to mind when discussing Indian marbles. Indian marbles come in a variety of hues and veining and are mined in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh. Stones like marble are generally durable and robust. It requires a good polish and is frequently used for artefacts, sculptures, kitchen countertops, skirting, tabletops, and flooring made of marble. Marble tiles and slabs have been utilised in temples, mosques, castles, and homes for ages..

India has long been known for its magnificent architecture and affluent way of life. The democratic forms of government may have replaced the era of the kings and queens, but many people still live regal lives today. The most widely used ornamental and decorative stone is Indian marble because of its lovely colours, beautiful patterns, and decorations..

Best Marble Dealers in Allahabad

Indian marble is well-known for its exquisite textures, power, and endurance. Pick your preferred white marble from our fine selection. For flooring and other uses, we provide marble that is strong and long-lasting. You might even coordinate it with your interior design style. You can choose from a wide variety of marble designs to meet your aesthetic needs. Nothing can make your home or business more welcoming than to have Indian marble flooring installed at the entrance..


The greatest Indian marble is supplied and distributed by Saptarishi Stonex, a reputable company. Start confidently planning your project right away. When it comes to marble, you'll have many of possibilities. This pebble won't let you down. You can find the best deal at Saptarishi Stonex.

Best Onyx Dealers in Allahabad

Due to its composition and variety of appealing colours, onyx stone is a type of stone that is quite valuable. It is a widely sought-after stone due to its colour as well as its scarcity and lustre. One of the most expensive and exclusive semi-precious stones is onyx, which is made up of parallel bands of black and white. It has been around for a while, and the Greeks and Romans are known to have employed it as a sign of great social position..

Your home's entire appearance can be altered and elevated by using onyx stone! With their ability to reflect light, they offer fantastic choices for wall panels, flooring, and worktops and instantly give your house a sense of elegance. The tabletops are one of the most widely used applications for onyx that is now in style! You can select the Onyx texture and style that complements your home's interiors the best from a selection of possibilities.

Onyx comes in a variety of hues and dimensions. Onyx, onyx marble slabs, and onyx marble tiles are our specialties. These stones are employed in a variety of projects, including wall cladding. The unusual and exotic stone onyx leaves a stunning impression. When used for flooring or any other function, onyx presents a beautiful and opulent appearance. It has a striking, distinctive style. Onyx stone's price range varies depending on the item's grade and natural colour.




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