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Sask Local, CA$90 on VLT Play

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The Western Canada Lottery Corporation announced in a new press release that another player from the western province had great success by playing a game on a video lottery terminal. 바카라사이트 This time, an Aberdeen man in Saskatchewan who hit a $900,000 hit with a VLT in Soul Wok is the lucky one.


WCLC should describe that it is a licensed non-profit organization to manage, perform and operate lottery and game-related activities throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. In addition to the game options, Crown provides players with problematic gambling protection and resources while ensuring that the services provided are delivered as responsible play.


In a new article released recently, WCLC said Chris Dieno, from Aberdeen, Saskatchewan, hit an impressive 932,055.39 Canadian dollars. Receiving checks from the Crown Agency, Mr. Dieneaux said it had all happened too quickly. He said he didn't think he had won anything until all the lights started blinking and couldn't believe his eyes.


Now, the Aberdeen man said that after he got his hands on nearly a million Canadian dollars, he thought of several ways to spend it. One of the first things he is planning is to buy a new car for his girlfriend. In addition, he said the windfall will reduce work and allow him to spend more time with close people.


Finally, he said that the prize money will help improve the lives of everyone in the family. Crown Corporation reports there have been 33 bolt-breaker jackpot events like this since winning in Western Canada in 2017. All of these victories account for more than C$31 million in prize money. There will certainly be more in the future.


As mentioned, in the last few years, Saskatchewan's players have won amazing awards by playing in the state's VLT. One of those many winners, Scott Whitley from Regina, who received a check worth more than C$1 million from Bolt Breaker in May 2022, won Regina's Four Seasons Palace earlier that month.


In addition, the province witnessed Jennifer Papad from Humboldt returning home with a huge prize in a VLT play. Her win dates back to July 3, 2022, and also triggered a bolt-breaker jackpot, but this time it was worth $660,501. She achieved this by playing games at the Pioneer Hotel and claimed a check a week later.

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