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Since publishing this composition, Saudi Arabia has introduced a new system, called Tuv Austria, for the enrollment of goods and allocation of Certificate of Conformity Instruments prior to import. Please read about Tuv Austria then and communicate Mouse & Bear for farther information.


Still, you will need to learn how to acquire a SASO Certificate, but first, If you are think of importing goods to Saudi Arabia.


All countries have regulations in place that insure imported goods meet certain norms. These norms include public security, quality, health, environmental, safety, and social responsibility norms. But some countries warrant the structure to apply the necessary testing and examination of imported goods to misbehave with these regulations upon appearance to their country.


In similar cases they use third- party agencies similar as Intertek to gain the needed testing, examination, and instrument services. This ensures the goods misbehave with import regulations for that country prIor to importation.


What's the SASO Certificate of Conformity?

Saudi Arabia is one similar illustration of a country that relies on these third party services; imported goods to Saudi Arabia can not clear customs without the correct import attestation- specifically a SASO CoC (Saudi Arabia Certificate of Origin). A SASO CoC is a Certificate of Conformity that's specific to Saudi Arabia. This document certifies that the item has been successfully tested and audited to meet the country’s quality and safety norms.


The SASO instrument acts as a passport for the goods to clear customs. Still indeed with a SASO, customs officers reserve the right to administer fresh examinations and test procedures once the item arrives in Saudi Arabia.

Process for carrying a SASO CoC

The process for carrying a SASO CoC can take up to one month or further, so it's judicious to plan ahead when looking to export goods to Saudi Arabia. A prerequisite for carrying this document from independent agencies is as follows


  • A linked and stamped marketable tab on the company’s letterhead paper, stamped by your original chamber of commerce
  • A instrument of origin attained from your original chamber of commerce (to insure the country of origin of the goods you wish to export)


Once you have transferred this attestation to the agency, they will confirm what testing and examinations will berequired.However, you may want to consider registering your products with the agency in order to expedite the testing and examining process, If you regularly export goods to Saudi Arabia. For illustration, the agency may only need to check products from maybe one in five of your shipments.


Who can issue a SASO instrument?

Unfortunately, the caveat to this isn't all agencies offering SASO CoC services are honoured in Saudi Arabia, which can make effects complicated for companies wishing to import their goods to Saudi Arabian requests. It's important that these instruments are attained only from authorised agencies honoured in Saudi Arabia.


Intertek is accredited for the utmost of the specialised regulations in all five regions of Saudi Arabia, with five Accreditation Services to grease Conformity Assessment and Certificate allocation.

Still, or bear help with importing your goods to avoid time detainments and gratuitous costs, please communicate Mouse & Bear Results to enquire, If you're doubtful if the agency you're using for SASO instrument is a sanctioned agency. Mouse & Bear Results are committed to helping guests navigate indeed the most complicated global requests to insure your technology tackle is delivered in a timely and effective manner.


Further information about Certificate of Conformity Regulation

For further detail about Instruments of Conformity Regulation and the procedures for issuing instruments of conformity for imported goods to Saudi Arabia, you might find the following resource useful


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