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Saturn Transit in Cancer 2022

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The beginning of the Saturn transit will be painful for Cancer natives. Saturn will first transit in your seventh house, the house of marriage and partnership. Since the effects are adverse, you will have difficulty in your marriage with your spouse. You will feel that you are being ignored or your partner doesn’t care about you.


Those who are going to seek a life partner might get disappointed. You will face many obstacles and might not end up with a suitable partner. It would be best to stop your search for a partner during this period and until Saturn retrogrades.


Those who are in a partnership business will also face many obstacles. Their relationship with their business partner might become harsh, which will impact the overall business. Those who are thinking about starting a partnership business should hold their thoughts.


Saturn will enter your eighth house in April only to increase the problems. This time, it will impact your professional life, and you might not be very smooth with your colleagues and other seniors. Life might become stressful at the workplace, and all your plans seem to fail. There might also be misunderstandings that will further ruin your relationships with your colleagues and friends.


However, when Saturn retrogrades or moves back to your seventh house, this time, it will bring positive changes. It will be a beneficial period in terms of marriage and partnership opportunities. Singles might meet the love of their life. Those who are looking for a life partner will get an ideal person. Married couples will resolve all their issues, and harmony will set in again.


Remedy: Donate black clothes and slippers to poor people on Saturday.




Saturn will bring both positive and negative results as per its movements. Saturn will transit in your sixth house; it will be a positive affair during which you might get the pending cases resolved. Those who have ongoing court cases might get the hearing in their favor. Students preparing for competitive examinations will also get the fruit of their effort.


However, the transit will not be favorable for your marriage. You two might get into frequent arguments and fights. There will be a lack of understanding which will make your marriage suffer. This will make you two feel distant from each other.


However, Saturn is more likely to benefit if you are in a partnership business or working with someone. Your partner will make the right decisions that will benefit your business. Those who are looking for a relationship might get lucky and find one.


In July, Saturn will come back to your sixth house and need you to be careful. During this time, some old diseases might surface again. In addition, you should practice caution while driving since injuries and surgeries are indicated.


Those in a field related to law or studying law will find this period favorable. Employed ones will have a good time at their workplace. They will see career advancements that will bring them more income as well.


Remedy: Feed black dogs with milk and bread on Saturday evenings. Chant Swayamvara Parvathi Mantra 108 times on this day.



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