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Imagine a germ-fighting robot going around zapping viruses and killing those! Sounds like something out of a science fiction movie?


What if this was not about technology from the future, but something that already exists today?


In this pandemic, we are left wondering when all this will get over. How can we stop the spread of infection? How can we achieve germ-free surfaces? 


The 633rd  Medical Group in partnership with Xenex Healthcare Services has created one such robot called the “Saul” using cutting-edge technology to aid just that. It will provide additional safety for both the patients and medical staff.


The robot pulsates high-intensity, high-energy ultraviolet (UVC) rays that are 25,000 times more powerful than the regular fluorescent light. Once it detects the RNA, it splits open the bacteria cell walls and kills the dangerous pathogens commonly found in hospitals.


Even though the hospital staff wearing protective gear clean every surface, there is still some presence of harmful bacteria around. The light helps reach through places too where the hand is unable to reach. Within less than 5 minutes it disinfects all the surfaces exposed to the light as effectively as 99.9 percent.


It has been demonstrated to have killed viruses similar to Ebola on any surface even two meters far from the light source. The infection rates have been reported to have dropped down to 60% in the hospitals where this has been used. 


Few years down the line and with advancements in technology, we can hope to have our own personal robot in every home.


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