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Promise an eternity of love and togetherness with beautiful couple rings made with silver! For the longest time gold rings and for a decade now platinum rings have been extremely popular. Silver hadn’t been explored as a material suitable for designing couple rings. But silver’s durability, strength and elegance have attracted a lot of jewelry designers to create promise rings and  engagement rings for couples.


Couple rings of any sort give out major couple goals, they are romantic, fashionable and affordable. The demand for personalised couple rings that talk about the couple or their journey is increasing. Thus, more and more couples are looking for customizable ring designers to craft their rings. Social media has been highly influential in couples wanting a highly bespoke ring experience for their engagements.


Here is a list of couple ring trends that are fashionable yet affordable.


1. Promise Rings

The greatest gift you could give your partner is your commitment to the relationship. Promise rings are in trend, promise rings are not followed by engagement rings. Promise rings merely show love and dedication to the relationship they are in. Simple designs with clean patterns say that you commit to the relationship!


2. Bespoke Rings

Personalised rings are a huge hit, couples want rings with a personal touch. They don’t want it to look like every other couple ring out there. Personalised rings are exclusive to the wearers. Adding a bit of both of your personalities or a glimpse of your journey in love together can make these rings much more special. With such personalised rings, you’ll be allowing your  silver jewelry to make a statement on the day of your engagement.


3. Sterling Silver Bands

If the pomp and glamour is not your thing, then dainty and subtle couple bands that come in silver are something you’d love. The bands will give you a sense of togetherness without a lot of glitz and glamour. They are low-key and less fancy than their elaborately designed counterparts but they will still talk about togetherness and commitment.


4. Engraved Rings

Engravings are adding to the personal touch while designing rings. Adding your partner’s name or their initials or their nicknames contribute to the cool factor. If you are the kind of couple that is bold and love experimenting, then this is surely a trend you can hop on. Engravings on lustrous silver can make the rings look more glamorous than ever.


5. Silver Rings With Gemstones

The gemstones can be simply your birthstones or they could be gemstones that complement each other.  Silver couple rings with gemstones can increase the attractiveness of your rings exponentially. Adding gemstones also add to the personal touch of the rings you and your partner intend to sport.


6. Open Rings

An open ring speaks to the possibilities, chances and adventure during the course of your relationship together. An engagement ring signifies the beginning of something beautiful. An open ring stands for the rest of the couple's journey together. Open rings are popular for what they stand for, experimenting with open couple rings is surely a bold move. The thought behind the open ring is unconventional, but which relationship is ordinary and common?


This year, say Yes! With silver couple rings. It’s time silver is a part of celebrating the beginning of love and commitment.


Source url: https://paksha.in/blogs/news/say-yes-with-silver-couple-rings-that-will-delight



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