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A one possibly embarrassing habit that your dog may do at times is scooting across the floor, and the cause for this is related to the anal sacs.  Your dog has two of these small yet important anal sacs.  When dogs pass fecal matter, these sacs secrete an odor that is thought to function as a scent marker.  Other dogs then pick up this specific scent due to that secretion.

Usually, when dogs poop, the anal sacs release that fishy-smelling secretion.  However, there are instances when the sacs will not work properly.  In cases like these, that fluid secretion could harden and clock the animal’s sacs, causing inflammation. 

When anal sacs become inflamed, your dog will feel pain and irritation.  He will start scooting in an attempt to relieve this.  If your pet’s anal sacs seem enlarged, you could attempt a manual expression yourself, however, it will be best to contact your veterinarian Carolina Forest, SC so that the unclogging procedure can be done professionally.  Accidentally injuring your pet’s anal sacs could only cause further damage, risking a higher possibility of infection.


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