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Designers, regardless of their field, go through a lot of training that helps shape their thought process, allowing them to become experts in developing new concepts and ideas. Although creativity and an innate understanding of textures, colour, and patterns are inherent traits of any designer, a professional course would help you harness these skills and give you the knowledge to put them to use effectively.


Although creativity is an innate quality, an aspiring designer must learn to harness it and polish their design skills to produce exquisite pieces that fit the client’s style and demands. That is where professional Fashion Design courses come into play. Fashion Design programmes are structured to help enhance students' creative thinking and help them acquire the technical skills needed in the industry.  

Fashion Designing is a competitive field that offers career opportunities not just locally but also internationally, and the right education and training would help pave the way for a bright future. Some of the most desired careers in Fashion Design for students with a formal degree are:

Fashion Stylist

Their task is to create the perfect look for their clients. Stylists have the opportunity to branch out to different kinds of fashion styling. They can work with magazines (editorial styling), movies, brands, celebrities, and in several other industries as the people behind every look and photoshoot; they can even move towards brand consultancy. It is necessary that stylists study fabrics, body types, and designs to style the ‘perfect look.’

Fashion Journalist and Bloggers

Another field that is open to Fashion Design graduates, is Fashion Journalism. It is a wonderful option for those who have a passion for fashion and are interested in fashion writing, blogging, and critiquing. Fashion Journalists work with print and online publications to write blogs and feature articles. They can also work as Fashion Critics and review, assess, and give their point of view about the latest designs and trends. Fashion Bloggers, on the other hand, enjoy indulging in the latest trends of the Fashion Industry and share their thoughts through digital platforms and social media. 

Fashion Photographers

They are skilled professionals who translate the designer’s artistic vision of their apparel and accessories into memorable and aesthetically appealing photographs. Fashion Photographers often collaborate with designers, makeup artists, and fashion stylists based on the projects' nature and scale. 

Fashion Forecaster

Fashion forecasters work closely with designers, aiding the design teams with determining future fashion trends. To be able to predict trends, a good understanding of the history of fashion and trends is a must, along with the ability to scan the mainstream market and spot key trends in media, streets, etc.

The Indian Institute of Art and Design (IIAD), Delhi, is one of the best design colleges in India. The institute offers a comprehensive, contemporary fashion curriculum that enables the students to enhance their skills and push their boundaries to become better professionals.


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