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The cosmetic implant market has seen consistent growth, driven by increasing demand for aesthetic procedures and advancements in implant materials and techniques. Breast augmentation, in particular, has been a prevalent procedure, contributing significantly to the market's value. Silicone and saline implants are commonly used materials, each with its set of advantages and considerations.

Patients seeking cosmetic implants dental often prioritize natural-looking results and improved self-esteem. The market has responded with innovations, such as cohesive gel implants and anatomically shaped implants, aimed at providing more natural outcomes and reducing the risk of complications.

The economic value of the cosmetic implant market is substantial, reflecting the willingness of individuals to invest in procedures that enhance their physical appearance and boost confidence. However, it's important to note that the cosmetic surgery landscape is subject to evolving trends, consumer preferences, and advancements in medical technology. To obtain the latest insights into the cosmetic implant market, including its economic value and emerging trends, it is recommended to refer to more recent sources and industry reports.

Market Dynamics

In the wake of hike in demand for cosmetic implants across various regions, Market Research Future (MRFR) predicts that the global cosmetic implants market outlook value of USD 10.1 billion in 2022 will rise to USD 10.91 billion by 2023. The market also expects to achieve a CAGR of 8% during the forecast period (2023-2030).

Growth Drivers and Key Restraints

Cosmetic implants help in enhancing the aesthetic looks of an individual, in addition to rectifying any deformities caused by trauma, congenital disorders, and accidents. These types of implants allow convenient replacement of missing/dysfunctional body parts, making it easier for patients to regain the former loss in aesthetics, among other things. Therefore, the surge in cosmetic implant procedures could prove to be instrumental in the future market growth.

Rising demand for cosmetic procedures brought on by changing lifestyle is poised to benefit the cosmetic implants market in the following years. In addition, the emergence of advanced technologies, including two form-stable silicone gel breast implants and hyaluronic acid facial filler will add to the strength of the market. Besides, the mounting expenditure levels among consumers pertaining to aesthetic procedures are projected to bring in more revenue in the ensuing years. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveals that in 2013, close to 13.4 million minimally invasive cosmetic procedures took place, which accounts for roughly 3.0% more than the procedures registered the previous year.

Having said that, the high cost of treatment could work against the market in the years to come. On the bright side, with the emergence of minimally invasive reconstruction surgeries and high number of technological advancements including gummy bear breast implants and injectable fillers, the market will not lose its steam during the conjectured timeframe. On top of that, the surge in congenital face disorders and tooth deformities combined with the increasing awareness about aesthetic appearance will aid in market expansion in the near future.

Industry Trends

CAD-CAM system is touted to revamp the dental implant industry, as this helps produce a replica of the tooth requiring transplantation. This system witnesses high demand based on the host of benefits it offers, including high efficiency, reduction in waiting time, and lowered cost.

Recently, Ideal Implants developed saline-based breast implants which boast of unique construction. This will alert women of any ruptures without the need for MRI scan. These also help reduce wrinkling and rippling.

Competitive Scenario

The cosmetic implant market is inundated with numerous international vendors, who are responsible for market growth. But it is the regional companies that are contributing majorly to the said growth, providing a slew of opportunities to accelerate the market’s grassroot level penetration. Effective strategies are acquisitions, mergers, product launches, joint ventures, and others. Citing a reference, Sientra was recently granted approval from the FDA for their breast implant line Opus. While Hospital for Special Surgery (New York) and pSivida collaborated with the aim of developing a knee implant that reduces knee osteoarthritis pain.

Some of these companies indulging in growth strategies within the cosmetic implant market are Nobel Biocare Holding AG, CEREPLAS, 3M, ALLERGAN, INC., Institut Straumann AG, AART.Inc, Spectrum Designs Medical, Dyna Dental, Zimmer Holdings, Inc., Cortex Dental Implant Industries Ltd., LABORATOIRES ARION, DENTSPLY Implant, to name a few.

Market Segmentation

The worldwide market for cosmetic implant has been segmented on the basis of type, material and end-user.

Type-wise segments are dental implant, breast implant, facial implant, buttock implant and others.

The material-based segments in the market are polymers, metals, ceramics, and biologicals.

The end users of cosmetic implant include hospitals, dental clinics, academics and others.

Regional Outlook

With context to the region, the worldwide cosmetic implant market includes Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC), North America, as well as the Rest-of-the-World (RoW).

North America has been established as the largest cosmetic implants market insights. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that close to 15.9 million surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures took place in 2015. Among these, breast augmentation happened to be the most common surgical cosmetic procedure, accounting to 290,467 surgeries the next year. Growth in initiatives in the region such as Breast Reconstructive Awareness Campaign that aim at educating people facilitates market growth. Other than this, technological innovations such as microchip implants, 3D printed facial implants, two form-stable silicone gel breast implants and hyaluronic acid facial filler in the region will boost the market to a great extent.

Europe reigns as the second largest cosmetic implant market. The region is home to large scale cosmetic dentistry or cosmetic dental implants along with cutting-edge devices and procedures. These are the chief factors substantiating the market growth in the region.

Asia Pacific is anticipated to offer manufacturers with profitable growth opportunities in the future. This is true based on the rapidly growing economy and improving healthcare infrastructure, particularly in India and China.

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