What Does SECockpit Do?

What does SECockpit do and why is having a good keyword research tool so important? As the number one search engine in the world, Google receives billions of searches every day, from the most random to the weirdest demands, Google is everyone's go-to library for information. To be able to keep up with these never-ending demands, Google has created a complex and ever-changing algorithm that no one fully grasps. The only constant with this algorithm is the use of specific keywords. Hence every good SEO campaign starts with good keyword research. Picking the wrong keywords will end up wasting a lot of valuable time and money.

Generally, keywords are divided into four different categories:

  • Primary Keywords –  These are foundational and descriptive words for your business like ‘’ graphic design California’’ or ‘’ flower shop London’’.
  • Secondary Keywords – They optimize your content and promote your product or services in association with primary keywords. (eg) an address.
  • Long-tail Keywords –  Are at least 3 important words put together, they consist of 70% of all searches and rank your content higher than all the other shorter keywords.
  • Semantic Keywords – These are alternative keywords mostly used in voice search, the more people rely on AI for their command the faster this type of keywords grows.

Keywords are single-handedly the most important tool in any successful and organic SEO strategy. SECockpit is a tool that provides you with thousands of competitive keywords allowing you to stay on top, and rank high on search engines. SECockpit is capable of delivering up to 200 relevant keywords per minute. For any blogger or content creator, this is a gold mine. Created by SwissMadeMarketing in Switzerland in 2010, SECockpit is the tech company’s flagship software. SECockpit is marketed as a tool that will help you get thousands of profitable keywords with just a few clicks. Here are some of its best-known features as well as some of the highlights you can get when using SECockpit.

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What Makes SECockpit A Great Keyword Research Tool?

Keyword Research Tool

1. With just one click, SECockpit does a competitive analysis of all your keywords. It will do all the heavy lifting for you, given that making sense of a series of raw data can be very time consuming and tedious, SECockpit reduces the keyword selection process to about half the time making it a lot faster and straight forward.

2. Multitasking becomes much easier with SECockpit since everything is in one place on your dashboard. This keyword tool helps you seamlessly navigate through multiple activities at once. The platform is fluid, clutter-free, and just easy to understand.

3. SECockpit allows you to search for keywords synonyms with one click, it provides keywords synonyms for Google, YouTube, and Amazon.

4. Searching for the right keywords manually is never a piece of cake, especially if you’re just starting and haven’t mastered the ropes of the trade. Using SECockpit makes room for you to be able to navigate that learning curve without crashing your business to the ground.

SECockpit Features You Should Know About

Keyword Research Tool

1. Keyword Suggestions

It sounds like magic I know, but SECockpit is known for providing some of the best keywords suggestions you could find online in 2020. Most SEO tools rely on Google AdWords to find the relevant keywords in any given niche but SECockpit scrapes online data and comes up with words most keyword finders miss. You can search the web to find suggestions and ideas most people overlook. With this tool there's little or no room for guess work or mistakes.

2. The Keyword Filter

After scraping and finding unique keywords, the filter tool focuses on comparing and contrasting the different keywords against each other to find out which one ranks best. You can sort them out according to cost per click, daily visitors, engagement, reach, niche or any variable that best suits your goals. This filter combs through keywords like nothing in the market out there. It narrows down your keywords as much as possible and displays them on your dashboard.

Keyword Analysis Tool

3. The Keyword Analysis Tool

Still in line with trying to come up with the best ranking keywords for your web content, the SECockpit's keyword analysis tool takes pride in dissecting and analyzing every chosen keyword deeper than most regular analytic tools. It carries out a competitive analysis of the top 10 keywords generated from every search and narrows it even further reducing the margin of error. Important data such as page and domain authority are also generated and kept in one place.

4. SECockpit’s SEO Projects

This is an advanced artificial intelligence tool that catalogs your behavior on the platform and recommends actions to you with reference to your top-end most frequent activities on the platform. It groups together, tracks, and displays actions to help you manage your content with ease. SECockpit’s SEO projects make it possible for you to automatically generate a checklist of available steps to improve your results and organize your workload properly.

SECockpit Pricing

5. SECockpit Pricing

SECockpit offers a fair pricing and is comparable to other SEO tools available in the market. The starting price for a monthly subscription with SECockpit is at  $39 per month or $299 per year , however this does not grant you access to advanced features. To avail the advanced features you’ll have to go for at least the pro package that sits at $59 per month or $499 a year.


The final verdict is that SECockpit is no doubt a solid keyword research tool. Despite the price, it offers advanced features that cannot be ignored. It also has the benefit of doing most of the work half of the time which makes it worthwhile since time is money. So, if you’re willing to pay for speed and functionality then SECockpit is definitely for you. Another huge advantage tipping the balance on the side of SECockpit is that it is a cloud-based tool, which means it can access a huge amount of processing power without slowing down the entire process. Go ahead and give it a try and let us know your feedback in the comments section below.


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