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Secrets to Fulfil Your (kids’) Volunteer Hours Effortlessly

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National honor societies require 10–15 hours of volunteer hours for high school Juniors and Seniors. It is often a last-minute scramble for students or parents to find volunteer projects.

Here are a few ways to make it easier to fulfill these requirements and maybe gain something instructive in the process.

  1. Make it a bonding time for the whole family Nonprofits often value adult participation. So, sign yourself up and bring other kids. Nowadays children spend an average of 7–9 hours on the screen and even more so for many adults. Some hands on projects are good for everyone in the family to rest eyes and mind, sweat a little and do some good

2. Focus on causes that speak to your heart Time goes by faster when are having fun. Kids tend to like animals and most naturally care about the environment. Finding projects in those areas would naturally make it something they will look forward to.

3. Talk about the “why” People find more purpose and drive if the understand what impact they could make. Sitting down with your child and have them research potential impact. If they are planting trees, how much CO2 offset would be generated. If they want to help out a food bank, how much would a day’s work could help families. Just like adults, kids need “buy-in” to what they do.

4. Work with projects designed for student volunteers These projects will factor in students’ potential interest and input levels. Plus, kids will likely enjoy working with other kids more.



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