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India is a vast nation and a number of cities are home to some of the best educational institutes. This prompts students to relocate in order to achieve quality education by studying in a stranger city. Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Patna, etc are cities with renowned colleges and universities. PG is the prime choice for the majority of students to stay as it offers a convenient living experience. Female students who are planning to leave their homes and loved one's behind in order to pursue high education in a new city should not overlook the security & safety aspect while selecting a PG. So, here are some of the security measures you must seek before finalizing a PG! 

Research a bit about the locality  

Some neighbourhoods in the city you are planning to move to are safer than others. Generally, certain areas in a city are predominantly occupied by students and working professionals. Because the area is in close proximity to the colleges and business hubs. So, you should conduct a detailed research about the area you are planning to move to as it will ensure your safety. Some neighbourhoods in the city where you want to live are safer than others. This is especially true in places occupied by students and working professionals. If you have chosen a neighbourhood based on your educational institution or office space, make sure to conduct sufficient research on the region. You can accomplish this digitally or by touring the neighbourhood before making a decision. Consider things like the proximity of hospitals, police stations, pharmacists, marketplaces, and food establishments. Aside from the presence of these, you should also consider the fact that the location is not too far from the population. 

Ease of transportation  

Whether your institution or workplace is within walking distance of your PG/hostel or not, having access to public transportation is always in your best interests. For starters, this prevents the place from being too quiet and solitary. Second, this accessibility is useful if you want to travel at night, and finally, having decent access to transit such as the metro, rickshaws, and automobiles helps you save money that you would otherwise have to spend on pricey cab rides for long distances. 

A PG with the highest security measures  

A safe PG accommodation allows you and your family to sleep worry-free at night. In addition to security around the PG/hostel, it is critical that your possessions within the space are kept safely. Security is vital both inside and outside the PG, whether you want to be alone or share a space with someone. An ideal PG would include technologically advanced security elements such as CCTV surveillance, biometric scanners, and the presence of a 24-hour security guard. 

Explore more about the city  

Cities with decent educational institutes are usually vast in size. They are densely packed with neighbourhoods, cultural attractions, cafes, and business hubs. Once you've settled in, spend some time learning about not only the place you've chosen to live in but also the surrounding areas. The knowledge gathered will allow you to make more informed decisions, such as which places are generally safer to hang out in the evenings and which offer better public transport connectivity. 

Learn safety tricks   

Now that you've figured out the safety measures for your surroundings, it's time to look into some personal security guidelines for a lady moving to a PG. 

  • Purchase pepper spray and a few more self-defence items. 
  • Carry a power bank with you at all times to keep your phone charged. In case your phone battery dies, maintain a list of vital phone numbers in your bag. 
  • If you are travelling alone in cabs, share your tracking information with relatives, colleagues, or acquaintances. Most apps, like Ola and Uber, give you this option as soon as your auto ride begins. 
  • Learn the fundamentals of self-defence. Not only is this useful in dangerous situations, but it also boosts your confidence, and you can simply get a workout in by signing up for these sessions. 

Safety should be your top-most priority when you decide to move into a new PG. This blog was not meant to scare you from attaining better education but it was intended to inform you about the vital aspect that isn't talked about enough. If Ahmedabad is the city you are planning to shift to then consider Stay FLH as your final PG option. It is a PG in Ahmedabad that offers PG for girls and PG for boys with separate facilities. Moreover, FLH offers a luxurious living experience while keeping the security aspect as their topmost priority! 

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