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The dynamic and fiercely competitive market has many companies that offer various wholesale vape products. Picking one wholesale vapor supply company from among those competing is equally challenging.

When sourcing wholesale vape products from the global market, the two competing nations are China and the United States (US). It’s tough to determine which wholesale company in which nation would be the most suitable for your business.

While China offers affordability on bulk orders, it is a must to ensure that this does not mean a compromise on quality. Kindly note that the shipping cost for China could be expensive enough to eat up the potential savings.

Let’s examine the pros and cons of China-based vaping accessories wholesalers:


Pros of ordering from China: 

  • Pricing affordability.
  • The same type of product orders for a sustained duration.
  • No stock limits.
  • New products’ accessibility.
  • A wide variety of products to buy.

Cons of ordering from China:

  • Shipping can be time-consuming.
  • Time zone variations.
  • A lack of order and quality security from scam companies.
  • A potentially tedious RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) or warranty experience.


Let’s now discuss the pros and cons of ordering from US-based wholesale vapor supply companies:

Pros of ordering from the US:


Instantaneous shipping.

Efficient customer service and timely support.

Uniformity of operational business hours.


Cons of ordering from the US: 

Stocks of just-launched items may soon get sold.

Products are stocked 3 to 4 months in advance before delivery.

Product options to select and order are limited.

A bit pricey affair.


Consider the following when selecting the wholesale vapor supply company for your vape shop:


  1. Location consideration is vital and must be considered even before finalizing the wholesale vape products company. It is advisable to have a location that is as near as possible. By selecting a nearby location, when either of your products runs out of stock, you can swiftly and conveniently expect a product delivery from the nearby vaping accessories wholesale company.


  1. Brands also equally matter. Select the top brand products for your vape shop. Wholesale vapor supply companies also have a set of preferences about the manufacturers they would do business with, similar to vape shops. So, select a wholesale vape products company that stocks brands in a wide variety to sell through your vape shop.


  1. Shipping policy and shipping cost: Location goes hand-in-hand with shipping policy and shipping cost. The shipping schedule of a company may well be late or on time. But several US-based wholesale companies also offer free shipping as per their policies. So, check different wholesale vapor supply companies’ shipping costs and shipping policies before finalizing to be cost-efficient. Some companies may as well offer discounts or substitute rates as per the order, regardless of free shipping cost.


  1. Warranty / Return Merchandise Authorization policy: Several shops tend to select their wholesale company by assessing the price, shipping policies, and location. But these shop owners fail to evaluate their warranty and RMA policies. Before doing business with either of the companies, kindly confirm the presence of a valid and transparent RMA process, apart from checking their product price affordability. RMA policies also tend to differ across companies; some may even ask to pay the shipping cost when returning a product, whereas they would not accept any product returns you send. Companies may also prescribe a time limit to return the products in their RMA policy.


As an alternative, you may as well consider buying e-liquids directly from the manufacturers themselves. Buying directly from the manufacturers instead of the vaping accessories wholesalers would also make it possible for you to reap cost benefits.

Buy e-liquids from a distribution company when the manufacturer is tough to reach or if the manufacturer offers a terrible service. A haphazard or costly shipping schedule and order mess up by manufacturers are also signals to consider buying e-liquids from a distribution company. The possibility of getting multiple brands’ products from a single location is reason enough to buy e-liquids from a distributor.

Consider buying e-liquids directly from a manufacturer when the offered price is affordable, access to new products is available, or it’s possible to get a product sample (or for free) and advertising. Buying e-liquids from distribution companies might be costly. Compared to that, buying multiple e-liquids brands from a particular company or manufacturer would be cost-efficient and also convenient.



You may consider approaching 3 to 5 US-based vaping accessories wholesalers. Purchasing e-liquids directly from the manufacturer would be a cost-efficient strategy. You can also contact other wholesale representatives to save money. Order certain brand items in large quantities from companies for any special event to woo the manufacturers. Doing so may grant you special offers from companies selling wholesale vape products, preferably customer deals.




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