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Everyone is keen to opt for a bright or lucrative future life. In this regard opting for Canada or windy city is a great option. Looking for a professional dealing into Canadian federal skilled worker program will be a lot useful. Under this, an applicant’s chances are measured to evaluate the chance of making an entry into the “Windy Country”.

If the applicant's score is more than 67 points, then, of course, you have a better chance of making it through. On meeting the other requirements also, there is a great possibility of you putting your papers under the express entry pool system.

Just don’t worry if the score line is below 67 per cent. You can always follow the set guidelines and then improve your chances –

  • Enhance your language skills.
  • Aiming to get an additional degree like – diploma or a certificate.
  • Receiving an offer of arranged employment in Canada.

Other categories in which the selection of the applicant does rely on are the following: – 

  • Language Skill Points.
  • Education points.
  • Work Experience Points.
  • Age Points.
  • Arranged Employment in Canada Points.
  • Adaptability Points.
  • Language Skills contains a maximum of 28 points – 

You should be able to communicate in the official languages like – English, Canadian and French. This way of applying under the foreign skilled trade worker's program Canada, the professionals mention that you can acquire flat 28 points. All of this is factored on the applicant's ability to –

  • Write.
  • Listen.
  • Speak.
  • Read.
  • Education Skills contains a maximum of 25 Points – 

If you have studied in a Canadian school, then, of course, you are needed to also get a certificate, diploma, or degree from the Canadian Institution like –

  • Secondary Institution (High School).
  • Post-Secondary institution.

In the case of foreign education, then you also must have –

Educational Credential Assessment report for the immigration purposes from a highly reputable organization. It will state that your education is on the parallel lines to proper certificate, diploma or degree from a Canadian –

  • Secondary Institution (High School).
  • Post-Secondary institution.

You must not forget of including Canadian credentials or the foreign credential and Educational Credential Assessment report.

  • Work Experience contains a maximum of 15 points – 

In this, you will receive points for the number of years you have served in a full time paid work. At least it should be 30 hours per week basis. In another case, 15 hours per week for 24 months.

To receive selection factor points, your work experience will count if it was:-

  • In Canada or Abroad.
  • While you were studying.
  • While being self-employed.

Now, let’s discuss the National Occupational Classification (NOC): – 

Under this applicant through a foreign skilled workers program Canada will get a detailed list of the occupations in the Canadian Labor Market. It narrates duties, skills, talents, and work settings for different jobs.

The expert will guide you in knowing the NOC code for each job that you are keen to make a part of in the Express Entry Profile. Now, you will find the information that best matches each of the past jobs. When there is a match between the list and the description of the main duties, what you did with your jobs. Now you can easily add up the points for the total experience you have.

  • Age contains a maximum of 12 points – 

In this get points based on your age on the day, the application is received.

  • Arranged Employment in Canada Points – 

You will receive points if the job offers of at least 1 year from the Canadian employer. Also, the applicant is required to get the job offer beforehand.

The valid job offer must be –

For continuous paid, full time also minimum 30 hours per week:-

  • Not a seasonal one.
  • For a minimum of 1 year.

Authorities must be convinced that –

  • The applicant can do the job that is offered.
  • You will come in the category or licensed or certified when in Canada


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