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One of the best things you can do between massage treatments is to treat your feet. It's easy to do, it costs nothing more than a little of your time (10 minutes or more if you want), and can help you feel calmer and more energetic. Many of my clients in Millersburg, Ohio, like to do this routine primarily in the morning and find that it helps them start a busy day. Other people find a quiet way to end a long day on their feet. In any case, you will be happy to take the following steps:

Drop everything else

This is probably the most important step. Allow yourself to rest from the hustle and bustle, past and future, and (scream!) Turn off your cell phone. Just follow this step and you will benefit greatly from what turns out to be your foot massage session. Start by sitting down and feeling your body breathe several times.

Mobilize the ankle

Take off your socks and soak them briefly in warm water. (Depending on the degree in question, you may also need soap.) You can add Epsom salts to your bath if you want. Next, rest one foot on the opposite thigh and with both hands move the whole leg in circles 5-10 times clockwise and counterclockwise, and then bend and extend the leg 5-10 times in each direction.

Unique kneading

In the same position, take the fist (gently squeezing) and press your toes to the sole of the foot on the heel. Place your other hand on the opposite side of the foot for support. Now roll your hand on your fist up and down the sole of your foot. You can experiment using the opposite hand for backpressure. You knew that joints could be used for massage, right?

Tippity Tap

With your palms and fingers, vigorously tap/clap up and down the sole, making sure that the whole body is comfortable. You can do this by simply allowing the activities to be fun and enjoyable. If you notice that your shoulders or back are compressed, feel free to move to a better position. Massage Spa will do more for you if it includes your whole body, not just your legs. You are your own therapist, so you can decide how to adjust your treatment.

Swelling of the foot

To do this, you will need a small amount of olive oil, massage oil, or lotion. Apply a little oil on each palm, especially on the thumbs. Wrap the toes on the top of the foot so that the pads of the big toe resting on the sole. Inflate the sole up and down, spreading the thumbs to the edges of the foot. Adjust the depth to your liking.

 Repeat all these steps with the opposite foot. If it is more convenient, you can constantly alternate legs. Another addition would be to take tennis or racquetball, put it on the floor, and just roll back and forth under your foot. It feels incredibly good. Like the other 5 methods of massage therapy, it can help increase blood flow, stimulate nerve endings, and relax the body and mind.


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