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A housewife who is young at heart certainly has a high spirit to meet the endless needs of the house. Moreover, if you like to cook and entertain yourself by shopping, time is certainly not something that is friendly to him.

In the morning, this young-at-heart housewife has to go to the market. The reason? Of course to get a very fresh stock of food ingredients in the market, both traditional and modern.

The most economical option is to walk. If you want, you can also ride a motorbike or motorcycle. Young mothers choose to go to the market by taking a motorbike because it is not noisy.

Are you a housewife who is young at heart like that? If so, maybe you need a private vehicle that is certainly very easy to carry and doesn't spend the budget for personal needs. Start switching to efficient functional vehicles, such as electric vehicles.

Selis is an electric vehicle company that provides zero-emission vehicles to the public. As a pioneer of electric vehicles in Indonesia, Motor Selis is always innovating and developing.

Apart from providing functional items, Selis also provides special products with attractive designs. So, users not only get the benefits but also the convenience and attractive appearance of Selis products.

One of the Selis products that are very loved by mothers, especially those who are young at heart, is Selis Murai. Selis calls this model the e-Moped, or electric motor pedal.

The body is like a motorbike and has a footbed so it is comfortable to use. In addition, this model also has pedals that can be pedaled. Anyway tough and graceful.

So, how to use it? It can be gassed using electric energy, it can be moved, or it can be rolled while it is gassed. So, you can all do a little exercise!

By using Selis Murai, you will be able to drive very comfortably because the dynamo in this electric vehicle causes a very minimal vibration effect, so it will not be felt. In addition, this electric vehicle does not make noise.

Its use is also very easy because it follows the motor model in general. All information can be seen through the LCD display, from speed to remaining battery.

In terms of battery, Sahabat Selis can use Murai up to 35 km per one charge with a maximum speed of 25 km/hour. With this distance, Friends of Selis can definitely go and return using Murai without having to worry about the battery running out in the middle of the road. It's definitely safe on the road!

In addition, the battery system (BMS) is very safe because it is covered by the battery cover, so it will not cause an electric shock. Getting hit by the rain and going through the flood? Of course it's still safe!

By using Murai, Sahabat Selis will save a lot of money left over from transportation costs. How not, to fully charge Murai's battery, Sahabat Selis only takes 6 hours with a total cost of approximately Rp. 553 (calculation using the most expensive electricity price, which is Rp. 960).

You can also try other products of Selis, like motor Selis. You would not be disappointed with them.



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