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You may have heard of the Disney Vacation Club and if you have not no worries we will run through a quick definition.


Included in the Disney Vacation Club are points and we will be going over what those points are and how you can sell your points.

What are DVC and DVC Points?

We will start with DVC and then go on to the resale market.

DVC is an acronym for Disney Vacation Club, a real estate-based scheme. You not only get to stay there, but you also get to join the club and earn vacation points.

These points are a sort of currency that can be used to make reservations. Members who book a property through Disney enjoy greater privileges, but they must pay a higher cost.

DVC points can be used to book vacation accommodations. When you go, the size of your lodgings, and the length of your stay all factor into the cost.

You will receive a varying number of points depending on the resort.

Becoming A Member

Many people like their stay at Disney, but DVC is not one of them. It is all about saving money and getting extra benefits as a DVC member.

Members do not pay a resort sales tax, which is one way to save money on your vacation. They do not have to pay for currency conversion on their points either.

You can also take advantage of the “legacy factor,” which allows you to transfer your membership down the family line, encouraging family members to buy from one another.

Several benefits are not available with DVC resales due to Disney’s restrictions. Overall, both systems have merits and cons; however, depending on the property, we can save anywhere from 20% to 40% with DVC resale. Here’s a DVC resort review of Disney Polynesian bungalow, a property undergoing significant refurbishment. 

You may even be able to save thousands of dollars in some circumstances.

What Are The Benefits Of Selling?

There are multiple companies likes DVC resale experts who will help you sell your points and teach you how!

  • Pay for Annual Dues

It is a terrific way to acquire money to assist pay your annual dues, first and foremost. When many people resale something it is usually to pay for something else.

In this case, you can sell points to help pay for annual dues.

  • Make Money From Unused Points

Second, while many DVC members enjoy visiting Disney Parks and Resorts, they do not necessarily do so every year. Selling your unused points for a year can help you afford a different type of holiday. 

If you are not using the points might as well make a profit from them.

  • Make Money When You Have Moved On

Third, if you wish to sell or cancel your DVC membership, it is a terrific choice. Selling your DVC membership may appear to be your only alternative at times. In this case, many DVC members choose to sell DVC points to help pay off their membership loan, allowing them to keep their membership.

Final Thoughts

There a quite a bit of benefit to selling your points so contact DVC resale experts to help you sell.


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