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Golf might be the least among things on your mind as you get older. Still, for many golfers, passion doesn’t diminish with the years. For some, it probably increases, and for others yet, they might not even take up the sport until they’re advancing in years.

Whatever the case, if you, yourself, are shopping for senior shaft golf clubs or would like to know more before making a gift for a loved one, here’s what you need to know.

Understanding the Effects of Aging on Swing Speed and Tempo
Senior golfers tend to have swing speeds that are below 85mph, which is a fairly slow swing speed. They also tend to have fairly slow tempos, too, which is sort of like the cadence with which the swing occurs. How rapidly the shift is from the back swing through transition and downswing, that is.

Now, there might be some experienced or uncommonly strong senior players with slightly faster golf swings, but as a general rule, they’re in the sub-85mph range.

Moreover, this is a natural occurrence of aging and affects all golfers to some degree or another. As you age, you lose muscle fiber density and it takes more work to maintain strength and even more to build it. Moreover, conditions that stiffen the joints can complicate this process.

As a result, swing speed naturally starts to decline with age. It doesn’t mean senior golfers can’t be proficient, but it does mean it takes more work to build strength, tempo, speed, and stamina, and it pays to use the right equipment that’s well-suited to the needs of the player.

In the case of senior players, this means using senior shaft golf clubs.

Why Senior Shafts Tend to be More Flexible
The main advantage of senior shaft golf clubs to older players with slower swinging speeds is that they are more flexible shafts.

Shaft flex is one of the most important factors in senior golf shafts – for this reason, they’re often referred to as senior flex shafts or senior flex golf shafts.

But why should they be more flexible?
Well, regular flex golf shafts tend to be too stiff for seniors to play with, as do stiff and extra stiff shafts. Extra stiff shafts, which also tend to be heavier and have higher kick points, are ideal for stronger players with faster swing speeds. They have the strength and speed to hit the ball with enough force to achieve greater distances without excessive shot dispersion.

By contrast, club fittings with senior shafts (which are more flexible) enable players to load the club head more effectively without straining, and which provides the ability to generate higher ball speeds.

More flexible shafts like senior shafts load more efficiently through the transition and downswing, and typically enable more efficient energy transfer, too. Moreover, they tend to be more forgiving.

These features make it possible for players with slower swing speeds to achieve higher launch profiles for ball flight, enabling them to reach greater distances. Also, not needing to struggle to attain higher swing speeds frees them from creating a wide shot dispersion pattern.

Consequently, more flexible senior shaft golf clubs enable older players to hit the ball farther and more accurately than stiffer graphite shafts.

Where Can You Get Senior Shaft Golf Clubs
While it is true that older players and players with slower swing speeds generally benefit from more flexible golf shafts, being sure what works for you can be hard to determine for yourself. There is a lot you can figure out through the shaft’s feedback as well as by watching the golf ball’s flight patterns – but that’s no substitute for golf club fitting services.

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