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SEO – SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which targets unpaid traffic and help in improving the quality and quantity of website and increase website traffic on search engine such as Google, Bing etc. To increase traffic, it includes creating high quality content, gaining links from other sites, maintain and updating your site’s local search presence and so on. The important factor in SEO is finding right keywords for your business and that keyword should be relevant and have good search volume. There are various sites available where you can find right keyword for your business. 

SEO strategy help to rank higher on google, so there are certain stages on how google work and that are – 

  • Crawling – Google usually crawls your web and look if there are any updated pages on your website. If you have more links in your page, then it is easy for google to locate the page.
  • Indexing – Here after crawling google will look for content and images on your page and then stores the information in google index.
  • Serving – Once the indexing is done then google decides which page of your website is most relevant and useful for users and accordingly organize them in SERP’s. 

In SEO the most important thing is your website must have uniqueness, relevant content, creative images and quality. You can learn these things by doing Digital Marketing Classes In Pune

 SEO has lot of benefits to the business as-

  • SEO targets quality traffic.
  • SEO is completely free of cost.
  • Long term traffic.
  • Easy conversion.
  • Increase in brand awareness.
  • Website trust and authority.
  • Higher CTR.
  • Improve search engine ranking. 

SEM – Now if we talk about SEM then it is completely opposite to SEO. SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing which is one of the most effective way to grow your business and stand out in the market place. Search engine marketing includes promoting your business through paid advertisement. Advertisers bit on keywords which are mostly common and searched by users for certain product or services which helps the advertiser the opportunity for their ads to appear on google or other search engine when user search for that particular keyword. At this stage Digital Marketing Classes in Pimpri Chinchwad is vital for your business because a greater number of populations are used to social media and search engines so it’s easy to target specific audience at a time. 

The most benefits of SEM are

  • SEM helps bring highly qualified traffic to your page.
  • Help make your brand or company known to many users across the globe.
  • Helps to generate conversion.
  • Easy to measure your conversions.
  • Real time monitoring.
  • You can have a control on maximum daily budget.
  • The target is achieved in a minimum time. 

SEO and SEM both are important for business but also there is so much difference in SEO and SEM and that are – 

  • Difference in search results – In SEM it includes ‘AD’ designation and have ad extension and on other hand in SEO the results are organic and have featured snippets.
  • Difference in cost – In SEM you have to pay each time when users click and on other hand in SEO you need not to pay anything, it’s completely organic. 
  • Visibility – In SEM your ad is only shown to targeted audience but in SEO anyone who search for related keyword will land on your website and it is visible to everyone.
  • Results – There is immediate result in SEM but in SEO it takes time.
  • Click through rate – The click through rate in SEM is lower whereas in SEO is higher. 

Let’s conclude, the use of SEM and SEO are different and are important to rank higher on search engine. So according to the need of your business one most then go for SEO or SEM.  

Takeaway: — The Digital Marketing Classes In Kothrud is designed to build or consolidate your digital marketing know-how to gain new skills and support your ideal digital marketing journey.


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