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Homeowners are recommended to always maintain and clean their gutters, check the vents, ensure the roof’s integrity, and many more. Maintaining septic tanks should also be in the list of your priorities. Septic tank systems are an important piece of people’s households. Maintaining the septic systems would save the homeowner from future troubles and avoid more expenses. Maintenance is less expensive than a replacement for a septic tank. Cleaning the septic tank is essential and must be part of a homeowner’s budget. Frequently cleaning septic tanks can be an arduous task which is why homeowners must hire reliable contractors such as the septic tank repair Flowery Branch.

 If a septic tank is not pumped or cleaned, it can cause serious problems in the other areas of the house. The first problem that could come up would be plumbing issues. If the septic tank is not maintained, a bad smell in the plumbing utilities of the home can permeate the house. Regular maintenance helps eliminate the risk of having any foul smell and an expensive septic tank replacement.

 Risks of Not Maintaining Your Septic Tanks

When you ignore the maintenance of your septic systems, it will surely get messy. Cleanliness will not be the only problem. If the septic tank is left unchecked for quite some time, it will start to malfunction and underperform. This could lead you to several and more stressful problems.

 Unmaintained Septic Tanks Will Pollute the Water and Environment

Your septic system is not only designed to remove the waste in your house or establishment. It is also utilized to filter the unsanitary materials. If your septic tanks are overloaded and dirty, the hazardous materials will start to go into the soil and water areas around it. 

 Cleaning your septic tanks is an act of stewardship to your community, neighborhood, and environment. Improperly handling the system will produce harmful water to the groundwater, local habitats, and wells. This could pose a serious threat to the health of the plants, people, and animals. It can affect the local community’s eco-system. In severe cases, it can make certain local areas unsafe and unusable.

 It Can Damage the Pipes and Tank Systems

Septic tanks would build debris and other materials as it is utilized. This is a major reason why it is important to clean the tank. If not, it will clog the drains and the pipes which will cause further damage to your home utilities. Pipes can burst or crack. If you try to “save up” by avoiding the maintenance of your septic tank, then you will have a more expensive problem due to the potential damages it can do to your piping system. If you have problems and needed to have the system fixed, the contractor you work with must be an expert in the field such as the septic tank repair Flowery Branch.

 Pose Health Hazards For Your Family and Community

In the United States, septic tank systems are the major producer of wastewater on the ground. It is reportedly the main contributor to groundwater contamination in the country. 

Waste is a breeding ground for bacteria and disease. Since it is in the water, it can quickly spread. Viruses, parasites, and bacteria which include protozoans and worms are some of the pathogens found in wastewater which is hazardous for humans. Unclean septic tanks will also have fungi that can lead to complications in the eyes and skin. Respiratory infection cases rise when there are sewage problems in the area.


In the worst-case scenario, the bacteria and viruses can rapidly contaminate a nearby drinking water source. Diseases like dysentery, typhoid fever, hepatitis and many more will be a nightmare to the community. This can be avoided if the community ensures that their septic tanks are well-maintained. The United States Environment Protection Agency advised that septic tanks must be frequently inspected and pumped out.


The risks involved in not maintaining your septic tank are way too high compared to the simple maintenance of the septic tank. Homeowners, establishment owners, and community members must stay educated about the system. If you want to start maintaining your tank but it already has problems, you can have it repaired. Services provided by the septic tank repair Flowery Branch will ensure that you will get your system back on track.

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