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When you play the monopoly game in your leisure hours, you want to upgrade the format instead of using its standard editions. As the game continues to evolve throughout the years, Monopoly pieces, also known as tokens, reside in various forms and numbers. While this thrilling board game can be the center of the conversation, players also deserve to make it more convenient by adding or removing some pieces. If you want to enjoy monopoly without imparting unnecessary risks to players, include the following tokens in the next DIY game.

Classic pieces

The earliest form of monopoly did not have tokens, and players used their favorite objects and household items to play the game. The first versions of pieces came into existence in 1935, which later changed its various editions over the years. The top main components included a battleship, boot, cannon, iron, thimble, and hat. Later, more items such as a racecar, purse, lantern, and a rocking horse made the set of ten pieces. These tokens are no longer popular in modern-day games, but you can revive and value them when making your DIY monopoly customized project.

Pot war pieces

If you want to experience the full power mode of playing the real monopoly game, do not forget to retain the standard pieces that define its value. During wartime, people collected metallic objects to make them pawns and tokens to play the game more intensely. When winning the game meant everything to players, pieces on the board also became the main concern. Toy manufacturers introduced tokens with various colors and designs made of metal, wood, plastic, and other materials. Although they have been gone for a while, antique lovers are recreating the classic beauty of their beloved game.

Get standard pieces

When the war was over, fun time activities also received much composure from the new generation. The old tokens were no longer feasible due to their lack of diversity or uninterest characteristics for post-war people. The monopoly game remained the top choice for indoor activity, but a totally new set of pieces replaced the old ones for prosperity since the Great Depression. The game found its peaceful space with new pieces such as a Scottish terrier, battleship, horse and rider, money sack, cat, rubber duck, T-Rex, and penguin. You can buy these items from 521promo, a company that offers accessories for customized games.

Utility companies

When looking for probabilities during the game, you can hardly find things that are priceless than the property. These tokens are more worthy, even if not profitable, as the occupied area connotes steady capital and profit as the game reaches its climax. While other tokens settle with a price, the utility company will maintain a stable income in a rapid session. You can include significant utility items such as electricity, waterworks, and other amenities in the particular town. Keeping utility companies and their similitudes that can make money will stabilize your possessions.


You can play monopoly with any item on the board, but a view of the major structures such as roads and seas can ignite the thrill. Consider adding avenues, seas, parklands, and parks to the board so players can have more options to hold on to the collective features. When creating the board, you can use various color shades to mark the areas. Brown, blue, pink, orange, red, yellow, and green are widely used colors for these landmarks. You can also choose a separate color scheme for the personalized monopoly game. Discuss the design materials with your friends to give their input for the DIY monopoly.

Railway stations special edition

Among other valuable features, railroads are properties that generate less income unless you buy them. However, you can hold the bigger hand throughout the game once you get to those railway stations. When you create the road, space, and community cards to complement the theme, remember that some of these properties are highly expensive compared to others. So omitting them from the design is out of the question. If there is extra space on your game board, add reserved forests, business hubs, and other taxable properties such as spas, gyms, and swimming pools.

Special ones

For some avid players, a monopoly is not just an ordinary game but an art and economic subject that involves valuable things in their lives. The standard tokens may be of any material that is easily available in modern-day stores. Meanwhile, a token made from a family heirloom or a good luck charm can brighten someone’s mood. As the name suggests, a monopoly allows players to ask for any property price in advance. There was a revolution in using gold tokens to celebrate major national events in the country. Today, you can still adore the gone eras by integrating old items into modern board games.

When you finally create the board, you should set monopoly customized prices for all the tokens used in the game. Consult a monopoly service that provides game components that will meet your needs.


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