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Setting the Course for Success: How NPS Empowers Students in Goal Setting.

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How NPS Empowers in Goal Setting

Goals are an integral part of every business/life. They give you a sense of purpose, motivation, and clarity. When you set a goal, you are giving yourself a target to work towards.

A SMART goal is the usual way to take forward the implementation. The full form of SMART is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.

A SMART goal includes all of these factors to help you focus on your goals and increase your chances of achieving them.

NPS Vidhyaranyapur is one of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore that teaches students how to set personal goals.

Let us understand what a SMART goal is.

A smart goal is defined as:

1. Specific: clearly defined, unambiguous, and measurable
2. Measurable: with measurable criteria that track your progress towards achieving the goal
3. Achievable: difficult but not impossible to reach
4. Realistic: Within your reach
5. Timely: With a start date and target date

Specific SMART Goals

The more specific the goal, the clearer it is for achievement. The five “w” questions you need to ask yourself to make a specific goal are:

Who: Who’s involved?
What: What are you trying to achieve?
Where: Where are you going?
When: When are you going to get there?
Why: Why are you trying to get there?

The Importance of Goal Setting

Many students or people at large set goals that are vague and unachievable. For example, “I wish my product is to be the world’s best at X”. This goal is unachievable and lacks direction. SMART goals are more specific, measurable and achievable, realistic and timely. By setting SMART goals, you can push yourself further, gain direction, and organize and achieve your goals. NPS, the vibrant brand once it comes to international schools in Bangalore, it is the much sought school of the city.

Beginning to set personal goals

You start by defining your goals on several levels.
The first level is the “big picture” of your life goals (or over the next ten years).

You define the big-picture goals you want to accomplish.

The big-picture goals are broken down into smaller and smaller goals that you need to reach to achieve your lifelong goals.

Once you have a plan, you begin to work on it to reach your goals. That’s why the first step in setting goals is to look at your life goals and then break them down into things you can do over the next 5 years, then the next year, then the next month, then the next week, then the next day, and so on.

The first step is to set up your lifetime goals, and then the second step is to start setting up smaller goals.

Keep in mind that the goals you set for yourself should reflect what you want to do, not what your family, friends, or employers want you to do.

Once you’ve brainstormed some of these things, you can then narrow it down to one or more of the categories that best reflect your goals. Once you’ve narrowed it down, you can consider trimming it down to a few really important goals that you want to focus on.


NPS, the top schools in Bangalore serves as a power-packed school in empowering students in goal setting. NPS fosters a supportive environment that enhances students’ motivation and commitment to their aspirations. The feedback gathered from parents by NPS helps educators tailor their teaching methods and strategies, ultimately leading to improved academic performance and personal development. With NPS’s continued implementation, students will be better equipped to navigate their educational journey, setting the course for long-term success.


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