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The first thing you need to do when setting up a drone is to bind the rc transmitter and rc receiver so you can control it. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to bind a frsky receiver to a Taranis or Horus radio station.

When you have a new receiver (Rx), you must first bind it to the transmitter (TX) so that they can “talk” to each other. You only need to do it once. You just need to do it again when you have updated the firmware on the receiver or transmitter module.

This program is applicable to most frsky rc transmitters and rc receivers, including:

Receivers: r-xsr, xSr, x4r-sb, XM +, X8R and more

Radio: Taranis x9d, qx7, X-Lite and Horus x10s and more

It is also the same to bind R9 series receivers (such as r9mm) to R9m. You only need to use the bind option under “external module”.

Is the receiver

The sink needs to be turned on during binding. I recommend connecting the receiver to the flight controller first, because this is the easiest way. Otherwise, you can also power your receiver with a 5V power supply.

Here is an example of a wiring diagram. SBUs and smart ports are not required for binding, but it's OK to keep them connected if you want. All you need is 5V and ground.

Binding of frsky RX and TX

Open your Taranis, go to the “model settings” page and press the menu button once. Scroll down and locate “internal module” and select D16 mode for any X-Series receiver, including r-xsr, x4r-sb, xSr, XM +, XM, and X8R. For D-series receivers, such as d4r-ii, select D8 mode.

Press [bind] and four options will be prompted. Just select “ch1-8 Telecom on”. (but if you're curious about the meaning of the other options, this article explains the difference.)

Your Taranis should begin to chirp intermittently to indicate that it is in binding mode.

Failed to bind Rx to TX?

If you cannot bind Rx to TX after several attempts, the following are the potential reasons:

RX and TX modules may have MIS matched firmware, such as eu-lbt and international firmware. If you know what firmware you have on Taranis, just flash your Rx to the correct firmware and try again

You may have chosen the wrong mode, D8 and D16

The bind button on the receiver is damaged

Configure receiver in flight controller

For X-Series receivers, the two popular receiver protocols are SBUs and fport, with slightly different settings.

The advantage of fport over SBUs is that it uses only one wire for control and telemetry links – it basically combines SBUs and smartport into a single wire. The disadvantage is that you have to flash your receiver firmware to use fport. If you want to avoid firmware flicker, just use SBUs and sport. In terms of performance, they are more or less the same.


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